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About Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist

  • A new 3 vs 3 competitive Party Quest for Lv. 60~80, recently released in KoreaMS.


  • To enter this area, you will have to complete a quest 'Wandering Rumors in the Sea Mist' by Captain Hwang. After you completed the quest, you will be given access by the Dolphin NPC in Aqua Road or Herb Town to warp to the Ghost Ship.


Party Formation

  • When you are in the area of the Ghost Ship, you will need to have 2 parties available with 3 members in each party. After the two parties are ready, you talk to the NPC Norrington to take the challenge. Once you are inside, both parties will be named Team Red and Team Blue.

Dual Race

  • This party quest has five stages and a boss stage. The main point of this party quest is which team beats the final boss first will win. In the first 5 stages, you cannot see the other team, in the last (boss) stage you can see both teams trying to defeat the Ghost Ship Captain.

Killing monsters can give you points, the more points you earn the more EXP you will get at the end. However, if you die, you will lose 5 points.

In all the stages you have to kill monsters. Surprisingly, there are Singapore mobs in this Party Quest. The mobs can drop Accessory for STR/INT/LUK/DEX/HP/MP 30% and 70% scrolls, which can be used on belts, pendants and rings.

Some monsters inside the Ghost Ship were given new mob skills as well:

  • Potion Seal
    • For a period of time, you cannot use potions.
  • Limited Vision
    • For a period of time, your eyesight decreases. Everything is in darkness except your character.
  • Damage Stop
    • If you don't move your character, you will suffer damage.

Note: All of these new curses can be dispelled.


  • In this Party Quest, you can earn 2 capes by completing the PQ several times.

30 times - LV. 60 Navy Officer's Cape 50 times - LV. 70 Navy Officer's Cape

  • The team who beats Ghost Ship Captain (boss) quicker than the other team wins.
  • The team who wins will receive EXP. The amount of EXP you get depends on how many points you earned and the bonus EXP.
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Availability of Dual Raid
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