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Dexterity is one of the major stats found within Maplestory, with the others being Strength, Intelligence, Luck, Health Points, and Mana Points. This skill should be raised for every class except the Magician (Magicians use magic attacks). Dexterity is commonly abbreviated to the "DEX" within MapleStory and MapleWiki.


  • Dexterity greatly increases the amount of damage for Bowmen. For other classes, their melee damage is affected slightly.
  • Each point of dexterity adds 0.8 Accuracy and 0.5 Avoidability.
  • DEX, INT, and LUK are combined to determine Hands.

Where Dexterity is required

  • Thieves, Pirates and Bowmen require a certain amount of Dexterity to be able to equip their armour and weapons.
  • Dexterity is the Bowman and Pirate's main stat, meaning that it should have the most AP added to it compared to Strength, Intelligence or Luck.
  • On the other hand, Dexterity is the substat for Thieves and Warriors. Dexterity is still important for the above mentioned classes, but its priority is second to the main stat.
    • Technically, Warriors do not require Dexterity at all. Their armors and weapons only require Strength to wield, and with pure strength they can deal awesome damage. However, the fact remains that they lack accuracy, which is partially provided by Dexterity, and therefore Dexterity is still key to Warrior's success.

Gaining Dexterity

  • For the most part, Dexterity is increased by adding Ability Points to it.
  • Dexterity bonuses are given by some equipment. All classes have equipments that give Dexterity, except for Magicians. Scrolls that add Dexterity to your armor are:
Scroll name 100% 70%/60% 30%/10%
Cape DEX 1 2 3
Glove DEX - 1 3
Overall DEX 1 2 5
Shoe Jump - 1 3