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  • This monster is named Deo in GMS and EMS.
  • A new Cactus area boss from the fourth set. The first boss to be found in Ariant, it appears in hidden street royal cactus desert, with many of the Royal Cactus. It can smash the ground with its walking cane, inflicting area wide damage. It can be avoided, however. It is the third-weakest boss in Maplestory.
  • However, after the Big Bang patch update, this boss's strength has been increased extremely.
  • It is, after the Big Bang update, located at Dry Desert and no longer counted as a mini-boss, but a normal boss.


  • Level: 80
  • HP: 250,000
  • MP: 20,000
  • Exp: 6,940
  • Speed: -30
  • Knock-back: 800


  • Weapon Attack: 760
  • Magic Attack: 713
  • Accuracy: 64

Long-range attack
Recover 5000 HP per 10 secs
Recover 2000 MP per 10 secs


  • Weapon Defense: 100
  • Magic Defense: 120
  • Avoidability: 49



Warrioricon.gif Warrior Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Beginnericon.gif Common
Emerald Emperor.png Emerald Emperor Blueneli.gif Blue Neli Shoes Green Pireta Hat.png Green Pireta Hat GreenAdes(M).gif Green Ades (M) Red Hearted Earrings.gif Red-Hearted Earrings
Sapphire Emperor.gif Sapphire Emperor Greensage.gif Green Sage ??? Brown Osfa Suit (F) File:RedCor.gif Red Cordon Flaming katana.gif Flaming Katana
Blood Valkyrie Skirt F.png Blood Valkyrie Skirt (F) ??? Dark Pachone Brown Osfa Boots.gif Brown Osfa Boots GadesS.gif Green Ades Shoes
Orihalcon War Greave.png Orihalcon War Greave Greengalaxy.gif Green Galaxy ??? Red Osfa Boots Red Falcon.png Red Falcon
BlueEnM.gif Blue Enigmatic (M) ??? Red Pirate Boots Blue Pris (M).gif Blue Pris (M)
RedFuryM.gif Red Oriental Fury Coat (M) ??? Dark Pirate Boots
??? Blood Larceny
??? Red Pirate Pants (M)
??? Dark Mystra
??? Green Pirate Blouse (F)


Desert Mist.png Desert Mist Cactus Stem.png Cactus Stem
UP3.gif Orange Potion Cactus Flower.gif Cactus Flower
UP2.gif Blue Potion Cactus Thorn.png Cactus Thorn
60%.gif 60% Scroll for Bow for ATT Deo Card.png Deo Card
60%.gif 60% Scroll for Shield for DEF
??? 60% Scroll for Shield for HP
60%.gif 60% Scroll for Wand for M.ATT
100%.gif 100% Scroll for Pet Equip. for Speed
EE Scroll.gif Equip Enhancement Scroll
Potential Scroll.gif Potential Scroll
SpecialDeoTransformPotionRecipe.png Special Deo Transform Potion Recipe


Common Location

Special Location


  • 'Dewu slowly appeared out of the sand dust' appears on the message box when Dewu is present.
    • In MapleGlobal and MapleEurope, the message is 'Deo slowly appears amidst the sand dust.'
    • During battle, Deo will say 'Shoo!'and 'Oy Vey!' when fighting the player, and 'You don't know how to respect your elders...' when he is defeated.
  • He does 100+ magic damage, but his attack can be dodged if you time your jump exactly as he begins to strike the ground with his cane.