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The Demon is the Warrior edition of the Resistance and the former subordinate of the Black Wings when he was betrayed by his fellow members. His drive has been fueled by revenge since but has now directed his focus to protect Maple World and to repent his actions instead of focusing on rage and malice.


Long before the current events of the Maple World, the Demon stood as a general for the Black Mage's army. He had dealt a severe blow on the Goddess of Time, handing Temple of Time to his master. Soon after, he attends a regular meeting with the other generals. They discuss their duties, and he learns that Black Mage had ordered the destruction of Leafre, his own home town, even though he had made an agreement with his master as a term for his service. Despite warnings from his fellow officers, he takes off, only to find that his home is left in flames and rubble. He retrieves the only item surviving the blaze, a locket with a picture of his mother and brother.

Furious, The Demon travels back to the Temple of Time. Before confronting his master, he tells his subordinate, a demon girl named Mastema, to send a message to the Heroes. He puts down Arkarium, a fellow general, and storms the now-throne room of the Temple. A heated fight occurs with the Demon's rage as his motivation, posing as a formidable opponent for the Mage. The battle ended with the Black Mage sealing him in an egg, confining him to a resentful slumber.

The Demon awakens many years later, smashing out of his prison. The egg had been improvised as a power source in a Black Wing's base, draining his Fury. Using what was left, he takes down the two Black Wing members watching over him. He notices J in the corner, watching the events unfold. Demon, still unsure of the current events, threatens J but succumbs to fatigue. J then brings back the passed-out to the Resistance base. The Demon wakes up, still confused about events around him, but joins the Resistance in the hopes of meeting the Black Mage again.

Now the Demon fights for the Resistance, looking the opportunity to avenge his fallen family and prevent the Black Mage's plans for domination.

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Slayer (I)
Avenger (I)
Slayer (II)
Avenger (II)
Slayer (III)
Avenger (III)
Slayer (IV)
(Hyper Skills)
Avenger (IV)
(Hyper Skills)


Unlike his Resistance counterparts, Demon is split between two classes, the Demon Slayer and the Demon Avenger, both serve as Warrior classes but each different than the other and stands out from the other classes in the game. Both classes are dependent on HP on their skills. They also utilize wings that can grow upon reaching 4th job. You are able to double jump, jump high or glide with ease, giving increased mobility. The Demon uses a special shield called a Demon Aegis. Demon Aegis grants stat bonuses to Demon every time it's item level increase and the Aegis transforms into a more powerful shield at every advancement.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer utilizes a unique system known as Demon Fury. You can gain fury over by killing monsters, using your regular attack key or naturally over time. Demon Slayer is a fast attacker, a very easy class for low-funded players and have a variety of ranged skills that allows him to dominate. Being a Warrior, Slayer uses STR as it's main stat and DEX as it's secondary stat. His weapon of choice are one handed axes or blunt weapons.

Demon Avenger

Demon Avenger

Demon Avenger goes into a much different tangent than the Demon Slayer. Even though he is a warrior, Avenger's main is MaxHP, which can increase your damage when you gain more HP; STR and DEX plays no part. Avenger is far more dependent on HP than Slayer, as most of his skills requires a percentage of his HP. Replacing the Demon Fury system is the Exceed system, which will allow certain skills to increases it's damage efficiency and more whenever the skill is used. However, using the skill too much will overload and weaken you. Also, Avenger's Force Shield does not give a Demon Fury bonus but can still evolve. Avenger's weapon of choice is the Desparado. The Demon Avenger does not use strength for equipment. It can wear any armor/weapon in its level range without a cost of str or dex.

Battle Mage - Wild Hunter - Mechanic - Demon (Slayer/Avenger) - Xenon
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