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For the MapleGlobal world with the same name, see Demethos.


Demethos.png Demethos was the second world ever to be released for MapleEurope, along with Knights of Cygnus patch (v0.55) on August 5th, 2009. Economy is currently very poor. Usually around 90% of the Free Market is empty. With only few shops available, the items can be very expensive. Even in channel 1 there isn't much probability for the meter to meet even half.

Top 5 Players in Demethos

Each world has a five ranking. The top five players for Demethos are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP Photos
1 Genetic Thief 174 488,068,763 Genetic.gif
2 Ebonics Warrior 165 312,883,794 Ebonics.gif
3 Legits Warrior 160 94,929,449 Legits.gif
4 iTzPimp Warrior 157 37,657,386 ITzPimp.gif
5 Brag Thief 156 32,498,042 Brag.gif