Dark Stump

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Dark Stump
Species Plant
Level 10
XP gained 125
HP 125
MP 10
Continents Victoria Island
Areas Dusty Wind Hill
Mini Rocky Road
A Small Well


Moving When Hit Dying
Darkstumpmove.gif Darkstumphit.gif Darkstumpdie.gif

While the Dark Stump's defensive and offensive abilities are remarkable for a monster which is featured early in the game, it is nevertheless nothing more than an upgraded Stump. It may not appear to have any leaves, but it nevertheless drops one for worthy travelers every once in a while.

Elemental Weaknesses



Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Blackheadband.gif Black Headband GArrianeSF.gif Green Arianne Skirt (F) Iron Cane.png Iron Cane
Shoes007.gif Smelly Gomushin Red Ghetto Beanie.gif Red Ghetto Beanie


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
Arrow for Crossbow.png Arrow for Crossbow Dark Stump Card.png Dark Stump Card 17-24 mesos
File:Dark Stump Familiar.png Dark Stump Familiar Leaf.gif Leaf
Red Potion.png Red Potion


Armor Weapon Accessory
File:Scroll for Gloves for DEX 10%.png Scroll for Gloves for DEX 10%

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