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Crossbow Men are the second job advancement in the Bowman job tree, choosing the Crossbow as the main weapon of choice. While Hunters are generally fast and agile, Crossbow men are stronger, yet slower. Their skills consists of an iron arrow that can pierce through multiple enemies. With them comes a gold eagle to support the Crossbow Man in battle. Crossbow Men may not be as fast as the Hunter, but they make it up with their pure strength.

Becoming a Crossbow Man

Go to Bowman Instructional School in Henesys once you've reached Level 30. Go inside, talk to Athena Pierce. She'll give you a letter and you've to pass it to the job advancement instructor near Henesys. After giving the letter, you'll be given an errand to collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating the monsters inside. Be careful to stock your potions up before you start collecting the 30 Dark Marbles.

Once you've collected 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the instructor, and the instructor will award you with a Proof of a Hero. Go back to Henesys's Instructional Bowman School, and talk to Athena Pierce once again, where then you'll advance as the Crossbowman.

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Crossbow Man
Bow Master
Wind Archer


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Crossbow Mastery.gif Crossbow Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Crossbows. Passive 10 x -
Final Attack.gif Final Attack: Crossbow Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a crossbow equipped. Passive 20 x Crossbow Mastery Lv. 3
Crossbow Booster.gif Crossbow Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a Crossbow equipped. Supportive 10 x Crossbow Mastery Lv. 5
Rangefinder.png Rangefinder When attacking nearby enemies, increases your Critical Rate; when attacking far away enemies, increases your total damage. Passive 1 x -
SoulArrow.png Soul Arrow Increases Weapon ATT and allows you to use a Crossbow without using arrows for a short time. Supportive 10 x Bow Booster Lv. 5
Net Toss.png Net Toss Throws a net on enemies, limiting their movements and inflicting damage. Active 10 x -
Iron Arrow.gif Iron Arrow Fires a steel arrow that can penetrate enemy defenses. Active 20 x -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training. Passive 5 x -

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