Critical Rate

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A critical hit from an Evan.

Critical plays a good part for the character. A critical hit is visible via purple numbers with a bright hit effect on the first number. Critical hits delivers more damage than normal damage but is not always active.


This is the formula of what makes a critical hit.

  • All players start off with a base 5% critical hit rate, max being 100%.
  • Aside from critical rate, players also have a base critical damage:. They start off with 20% minimum critical damage and 50% maximum critical damage. A player can have a normal hit amplified by 20-50% by critical.
  • Minimum critical damage cannot exceed the maximum damage.
  • Critical is multiplicative, instead of additive.

What Effects Critical Rate and Damage




  • Sharp Eyes.gif-Decent Sharp Eyes: Increases critical rate by 10% and increases maximum critical damage by 15%.




  • Roll of the Dice.png-Roll of the Dice (3rd Job Pirates): Random chance at increasing critical rate by 15%