Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest

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This is a party quest in Masteria inside the Crimsonwood Keep. Also called cwkpq. This is where a Mark of Naricain is obtained. It consists of 5 stages and 1 boss stage. It is relatively simple although the final stage; the boss stage, is very difficult in that, it requires high level players (125+). Melee characters are key in the boss stage to pin the bosses to the side. Though the quest is for 90 and above, it is recommended to be 4th job to join. Even high level characters can be killed in the Boss Stage. Most parties will not take a member under level 120 unless they are buying a Mark of Naricain.


  • Level: 90 and above.
  • Squad Members: 10 and above.
  • Required Items: The leader of the squad needs to have 12 Crimson Hearts and Keystone
  • Two job types of each class is required. Example: 2 Warriors (Crusader/Hero, White Knight/Paladin, Dragon/Dark Knight), 2 Archers, 2 Mages.... etc.
  • Multiple parties can participate up to 20 people total.
  • Only Explorers can participate. Knights of Cygnus, Hero classes, and resistance cannot enter this PQ.
  • Can enter the PQ only 2 times in a 24hour period.


The squad leader must talk to Jack Barricade at the entrance to the PQ (within the keep, not in the Cavern of Pain). Once the quest is activated, all members who are participating must sign up (similar to Zakum and Scarlion).

Once inside, the members work together across 5 stages to activate switches to open the portals. All of the tasks on the first 5 stages are class specific.

After the first 5 stages are done, the squad will enter the Grandmaster Council Hall and summon the 4 final bosses.

Stage 1:

The party leader must talk to Jack to activate the portal on the right side of the map. They will warp back to the left with the rest of the squad members. All members should proceed right and once you get to the pillar just before the shield (on the wall above) press up, to pass through the hidden portal.

Stage 2:

There are 5 sets of stairs across this map. At the top of each stair, is a Sigil. The Sigils need to be activated according to Class. The correct class member must use a specific skill to activate it.

Use the following skills to activate. The Sigils are in this order from left to right. Storage chamber.png

1st Sigil: Warrior:

2nd Sigil: Bowman:

3rd Sigil: Magician:

4th Sigil: Thief:

5th Sigil: Pirate:

This will activate the portal to advance to the next stage

Stage 3:


This stage is just like stage 2. There are 5 Sigils to be activated by class specific skills. The only difference with this stage is that there are pillars to inhibit movement through the map. These pillars are similar to the pillars in Valley of Heroes I and II, however, they will not kill you instantly. They will take you down to 100hp and if you do not pot in time, they will kill you. The pillars are stationary at first, but once each sigil is activated, it will activate one of the pillars making it harder for party members to complete the stage.

Use the same skills as previously to activate the Sigils. Moving upward, the Sigils are in the same order from bottom to top:

  • 1st Sigil: Warrior
  • 2nd: Sigil: Bowman
  • 3rd: Sigil: Magician
  • 4th: Sigil:Thief
  • 5th: Sigil: Pirate

Once all the Sigils are activated, the potal at the top will open, letting the members from the top of the map traverse to the bottom. This will activate the portal to advance to the next stage.

Stage 4:


This closely resembles a Jump Quest. You will need to activate Sigils again in this stage. The difference in this stage is that the Sigils don't have a specific spot. There are also fake Sigils about the map. If you come to a sigil that will not activate, this is a fake sigil and the real one still remains to be activated. The jump platforms are armed with flames or Stirges. The platforms at the very bottom of the map control the flames and the Stires. Depending on which platform is stood on, certain groups of flames will extinguish and will also ignite if the platform is left. Some of the platforms will also cause the Stirges to appear or dissappear.

Once all the Sigils are activated, you can pass through the portal to the next stage.

Stage 5:


In this stage, the giant statue needs to be rebuilt. To rebuild, you need to retrieve items from class specific chambers and place them on the statue at designated spots. Members of a class may only enter their chambers e.g. A Warrior cannot enter the Archer chamber, Theif cannot enter Pirate chamber and so forth. The rooms are as follows:

  • Left/bottom:Warrior room:

Get past Crimson Guardians and go to the top of the map and talk to the statue to get the Sword. The sword needs to be placed mid-way up at the center of the statue, on top of the pommel of the sword, just beneath the chin.

  • Left/Middle:Archer room:

Kill all the Master Guardians and then talk to the statue to get the Bow. The bow needs to be place at the top of the lower right hand.

  • Left/Top:Magician Room:

Kill all the monsters to get the Staff. Teleport is needed as you need to tele through walls. The staff needs to be placed at the top of the upper left hand.

  • Right/Bottom:Thief Room:

Hit all the purple objects using normal attacks. Flash Jump and Darksight are needed to get through this map. After all the purple objects are broken, talk to the statue to receive the Claw. The claw needs to be placed at the top of the upper left hand.

  • Right/Middle:Pirate Room:

Walk through the water to the end of the trails and open the boxes to get the Gun. The gun needs to be placed at the belt line, in between the lower right hand and the lower left hand.

The Picture shows where the items should be placed, once retrieved

Once the objects are retrieved and placed, the portal will open to the Grandmaster Council Hall.

Boss Stage

This is the boss map. Warriors with Rush, Brawlers with Corkscrew Blow, and Dual Bladers with both Flying Assaulter and Tornado Spin are of the most importance because the bosses need to be pinned for all attackers to be effective without dying.

First, talk to the Battle Statue on the right side of the map. It will question you if you defy the Grandmasters. Select "yes" and battle numerous regular spawns. When they all die, talk to the statue again. It will ask you if you continue defying the Twisted Masters. Click "yes" again and prepare for the battle.

4 Bosses that Spawn:

  • Red Nirg: Warrior like: Spawns multiple creatures and will spawn Scarlet Phoenix and Azure Ocelot when killed.
  • Rellik: Archer like: Considered to be the most deadly as it will hit with a 1/1 with poison which can mean an instant kill if the party healer is not doing their job. It will also stun and seal with almost every hit.
  • Margana: Magician like: Spawns on the top platform. Ranged parties should stay safely on top while the bosses are spawned and kill Margana first so the melee parties mey rush the the other 3 bosses and pin them to the side.
  • Hsalf: Thief like: Spawns on the bottom with Red Nirg and Rellik.

All bosses will drop a Mark of Naricain when killed.

A simple strategy is to kill Margana first while pinning Red Nirg, Rellik, and Hsalf on the far left of the map so they don't get in the way. When she dies, rush either Red Nirg or Hsalf to the far right (NOT BOTH). Make sure to kill Red Nirg's Scarlet Phoenix and Azure Ocelot before moving on. Lastly, keep Rellik pinned on the left and unload on him.

Once the four bosses are killed, you are clear to pass on to the bonus stage.