Crimson Balrog

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Crimson Balrog
Image of the Crimson Balrog devil.
Species Devil (boss)
Level 100
XP gained 100,000
HP 3,500
MP 500
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats

W. Defense
M. Defense
Other stats
Knockback                5,500
Speed                0
Continent Ship
Area During the Ride to Orbis (Ellinia)
  • Ambition EXP: +56


This a monster rarely seen among Maplers. It is found on During the Ride to Orbis and from Orbis to Ellinia. It is highly not recommended to train on. One of the most feared and recognizable monsters in the game, newer players may underestimate it and be lured out by players with higher levels during one of their first rides to Orbis. Unlike the similar looking Jr. Balrog, Crimson Balrog has the ability to fly. They attack in pairs.

Elemental Weaknesses



Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Bilge Breaker.png Bilge Breaker


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
Hwabi.gif Hwabi Throwing-Star Balrog Claw.png Balrog Claw 1000+ mesos
Secret Mastery Book.gif Mystery Mastery Book
EE Scroll.gif Equip Enhancement Scroll
Potential Scroll.gif Potential Scroll
Crimson Balrog Card.png Crimson Balrog Card
File:Crimson Balrog Familiar.png Crimson Balrog Familiar


Armor Weapon Accessory
10%.gif Scroll for Gloves for ATT 10% 10%.gif Scroll for Bow for ATT 10%
10%.gif Scroll for Gloves for DEX 10% 10%.gif Scroll for Crossbow for ATT 10%
60%.gif Scroll for Helmet for DEX 60% 10%.gif Scroll for Dagger for ATT 10%
10%.gif Scroll for Helmet for HP 10% 10%.gif Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT 10%
10%.gif Scroll for Topwear for DEF 10% 10%.gif Scroll for Staff for Magic Attack 10%
60%.gif Scroll for Topwear for LUK 60% 10%.gif Scroll for Topwear for DEF 10%
60%.gif Scroll for Topwear for LUK 60%
60%.gif Scroll for Two-Handed BW for Accuracy 60%
10%.gif Scroll for Wand for Magic Attack 10%


  • Sometimes (by sometimes, we mean a lot) shortened to just "Crimson Rog", "crog", or "rog/s" by players.
  • The best way to evade its attacks is to remain in the cabin at all times during the flight.
  • It has very low health compared to other bosses.
  • One way you can tell if it's coming is that a brown ship with spikes attaches itself to the Ellinia Ship and the music changes
  • It drops all 10% scrolls.
  • The Rogue skill Dark Sight is useless here, so do not try to sneak out just to have a look.
  • After the most recent patch on GMS & MSEA, Crimson Balrogs are harder to encounter on the trip between Orbis and Ellinia, but there is a 80% chance that they will appear on the ship in Channel One.

Special Locations

A chance to meet the monster at