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Victoria Island after Big Bang!

Victoria Island is a continent of the Maple World. It is also the continent where you select your first job as an Adventurer, and holds a vast number of unique monsters. While holding many weak monster (such as red, blue & green snails, slimes, and mushrooms), it also has many stronger ones, most of which are found in the dungeon, including the mighty Jr. Balrog.

About Victoria Island

Victoria Island is the second largest of the seven continents in MapleStory. Beginning players utilize the island for its low-level quests and training locations.

Victoria Island Before Big Bang.
Victoria Island after Legend Update With Eurel.


There are eight towns in Victoria Island:

Lith port.png

Lith Harbor is the town the Beginners will arrive in when taking the airship from Southperry, and the town where Arans will arrive in after taking the ship from Rien. The shops in this town carry lots of beginner's equipment, such as razors, blue t-shirts striped, headgear, and lots of other stuff maplers without a 1st job advancement are eligible to use. There is a ship here which will take you to Florina Beach, a beach mainly for exploring, after the Big Bang this service is relocated to the East of Nautilus Harbor.


Perion is the Warrior town where beginners can become warriors and warriors can take their second job advancement. There are shops with many warrior equips and weapons. It is close to the excavation site and it is known for its barren, rocky wasteland.


Ellinia is the Magician town where beginners can become magicians and magicians can achieve their second job advancement. There is only one shop for the magician equips and wands and staffs, there are two NPCs, one for equips, and one for wands and staffs. Ellinia is the only town on Victoria Island besides Lith Harbor that doesn't contain a passage to the dungeon; but there is a one way passage to the dungeon just outside of Ellinia. It has its own tree dungeons widely used by all classes. You can take the skyboat to Ossyria from here. After the Big Bang, there are no VIP taxis and the skyboat to Ereve and Ossyria are moved to the Six Path Crossway.


Kerning City is the Thief town where beginners can become thieves and thieves can progress to their second job advancement. The thief shop is located at the very left of the map. Kerning City is the home of the Kerning City Party Quests and contains the entrance to a very challenging route to the dungeon. Also, it contains a subway station which can lead to New Leaf City or Kerning City Square. After the Big Bang, the Kerning City Party Quest Lobby is now accesible by talking to Lakelis.


Henesys is the Bowman town. It's the easiest town to reach by walking from Lith Harbor, and has several hunting grounds for low level players and newly job-advanced maplers to train. It's arguably the biggest town on Victoria Island: it has a hair salon, tan salon, weapons,, armour and jewellry store, potion/miscellaneous store, game area, large free market, a park, and a petpark.


Nautilus Port is home to Pirates.

Sleepywood Mini Map.png

Sleepywood is at the center of Victoria Island. The town, itself, contains no job advancements for any jobs, but it has a few NPCs and quests. To travel beyond the town, you must be level 50 or above. Venturing on, there's an entrance to a long and dangerous rocky path into the heart of Victoria Island. At the deepest point of this cave, resides the renowned Jr. Balrog, whom is one of the strongest bosses on Victoria Island. However, the entrance to the dungeon is prohibited for characters under the level of 50.


Florina Beach is the town where Lupins, Torties and Lorangs are found.


Six Path Crossway is the central hub of Victoria Island. It links to all the towns on the island. It has airships that go to Orbis, Ereve and Edelstein.


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