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This category contains all templates that are used on articles that can be improved.

How each template applies:
Description How it's applied
Global - Apply to all pages in MapleWiki
Types of Global Marks
Attention Needed {{Attention}}
Broken Images {{Broken images}}
Clean Up {{Cleanup}}
Delete {{Delete}}
Disambig. {{Disambiguation}}
English/Grammar {{English}}
Factuality dispute {{Factuality}}
Information {{Information}}
Linking issues {{Linking}}
Merging Request {{Merge}}
Missing Images {{Missing Image}}
Neutrality dispute {{Neutral}}
Stub - Article {{Stub}}
Stub - Section {{Section stub}}
Tespia Notice {{Tespia}}
Content removed - Items, monsters, areas, or other things removed from the game.

      This only applies to things removed in all versions of the game.

Removed from the...
Ascension Update {{Pre Ascension}}
Big Bang Update {{Pre Big Bang}}
Chaos Update {{Pre Chaos}}
Legends Update {{Pre Legend}}
Renegades Update {{Pre Renegades}}
Unbound Update {{Pre Unbound}}
Unknown Update {{Retire}}
Guides - Guides created by community members.
Marking reasons
Copied* {{CopiedGuide}}
Copyrighted {{CopyrightedGuide}}
Incomplete** {{IncompleteGuide}}
Incomplete - Edit** {{IncompleteGuide-YesEdit}}
Incomplete - Don't Edit** {{IncompleteGuide-NoEdit}}
Old/Outdated {{Old Guide}}

* Copying guides is prohibited unless permission is given from the original author.

** MapleWiki reserves the right to delete incomplete guides that have not been updated for more than 30 days.