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The Cash Shop

The Cash Shop is a store accessible from any place in the game via the large red button in the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen (reading "Cash Shop"). In the Cash Shop, you can purchase clothes, weapons, coupons, and other items otherwise not available in the game by spending Nexon Cash (A-cash in MapleSEA) or MaplePoints. Most of the equipment are usually just decorations for your character (they go over whatever equipment you are currently wearing, "masking" your current equipment). You can also purchase Pets at the Cash Shop, as well as equipment for them ("special"/limited edition pets cost more than regulars). The Cash Shop is usually updated once a week, during the game's weekly server check, and/or updated during the beginning of each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).

To charge NX Cash, you must either go to the MapleGlobal website and use a Paypal account to charge your account, using one of three plans, including 5,000 NX for $5, 10,000 NX for $10, and 30,000 NX for $30; or by purchasing prepaid NX cash cards from participating dealers. Another way of generating NX Cash is to sell items through the Maple Trade System, which only accepts NX Cash as payment.

In MapleSEA there are two methods of buying cash: 10,000 A-cash for SGD$10(now SGD$10.70 with GST) by using a prepaid card OR by going to a SAM machine and purchasing it there. (SAM Machines only apply to Singapore)

Shop Sections

  • Event
    • New
    • Event
  • Equip
    • Hat
    • Face
    • Eye
    • Overall
    • Top
    • Bottom
    • Shoes
    • Glove
    • Weapon
    • Ring
    • Premium
    • Cape
  • Use
    • Scroll
    • Messenger
    • Weather
  • Set-Up
  • Etc.
    • Beauty Parlor
    • Store
    • Game
    • Facial Expression
    • Wedding
    • Effect
    • Character
  • Pet
    • Pet
    • Pet Equip.
    • Pet "Use"
  • Package