Balrog Party Quest

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Quick Facts

  • There are two main level ranges for this boss - Level 50-70 and 50-200.
  • Normal Level can be played only on channels 6,7.
  • Once you enter, the boss will already be summoned.
  • All skills will be canceled upon entering (such as buffs and effects from USE items).
  • Time limit is 30 minutes per group.
  • This boss has 3 stages.
  • The Barlog has 24,600,000 HP (Body/Head, Hands and Soul Form).
  • You may only use 1st and 2nd job skills inside the map. (Passive skills are working)
  • The Barlog does not drop any items, instead there is a bonus stage.
  • Arans level 70 or above who have spent any skill points in Full Swing and/or Over Swing will be unable to use Double/Triple swing, as Fuil and Over swing replace these with hidden skills to provide the extra hits. The animations will appear to play and damage will appear to be done, but only the first hit will actually register and double/triple swings will have no actual effect, nor will they increase your combo meter.

Entering The Challenge Area

This map is Bottom of the Shrine.

  • You can reach it by:
  • How to enter a PQ:
    • Before entering the bossing area, there is a special map where you may enlist into the challenging party or group.
    • Inside talk to Mu Young to create or enlist in a fighting squad.

Many parties come close to killing The Balrog, but time runs out. It is best to go in with a full group.
6 Members if you are doing easy, and 15 Members if you are doing Normal.
A large group will also allow you to continue even if a member disconnects (D/Cs) or dies.

PQ Levels

Easy Level 50-70

  • Channels 6 or 7.
  • 3-6 users at a time.
  • Time limit 20 minutes.

Normal Level 50-200

  • Channel 9
  • 6-15 users at a time
  • Time limit: 30 minutes


  • There are three main stages to this boss.
  • After each stage The Barlog gets stronger and uses a wider range of skills.
  • These stages or phases of the barlog don't require you to change maps.

Stage One: Proving Your Strength

The Balrog believes he is the strongest monster in the Maple World.
His plan is to take over the world with all his balrog minions.
in order to fight him, you must first prove your strength to him, otherwise you are immediately sent out of the map, because he does not believe you are a worthy FOE.

The first stage is the first 10 minutes since you've entered.
During these 10 minutes you must deal a certain amount of damage to the head or left arm of The Barlog (Doesn't matter which you hit).
You must deal at least 2.5 Million Damage for easy and 5 Million for normal difficulty.

Stage Two: Balrog Minions

Now The Balrog thinks you are a worthy enemy. Now his only goal is to kill you and your party. Prepare for a harder fight!

In the second stage, The Balrog begins to Summon weaker balrogs to try to kill you off. He will summon Jr. Balrog, Crimson Balrog and Baby Balrog. During this stage, you will also need to stay near the statues inside the map. There should be three statues: *Leftest, Rightest and Bottom. Every 15% HP or so that The Balrog loses. A notice will appear, telling you to attack the statues. you will have about 30 seconds to hit the statue. If this is not completed The Balrog will recover to full HP and you will basically have lost.


To survive through this stage, you should have everyone attacking the head of the balrog, except for two or three experts. These experienced players who have done this boss before should kill the mobs which are summoned on the bottom and right, also, they should be responsible for those two statues.

  • Usually these bottom-mobbers should have High HP and have Mobbing Skills.
  • They also have to be careful since The Balrog casts 1/1 (HP/MP) and Dispel (Takes away your buffs).

Stage Three: The Last Stand

This is the last stage of The Balrog, it is now at full strength and has access to all its skills.
This stage begins around 40% HP and is shown by the Balrog's Hands getting chained to the ground. During this stage the Balrog will become blue.
The main threat during this stage is its Damage Reflection.


Damage Reflection is a skill that The Balrog will cast and lasts around 15-30 seconds, during this buff, Do not attack The Balrog.
If you attack during this buff, you will be dealt damage after hitting the balrog.
It will deal about 500% of your damage back to you!, so a warrior dealing 1,000 damage will recieve 5,000 damage aproximately.
The way to see if the buff is being casted or not is currently on is if the horns are white.
There should be a small circular skill infront of The Balrog's mouth.
During the 3rd stage, the skills and summons from the 2nd stage will still be casted.
Only more often and more mobs. during this stage, once the hp reaches to 0, The Balrog should be dead.

Bonus: Reap The Rewards

After The Balrog is killed, you will be send to a bonus map.
In this bonus map, There will be an orb, hit it and your rewards will drop.
After leaving the bonus stage and finishing the run.

each member will be rewarded a Balrog Leather which can be traded in for scrolls.
These specials scrolls are only for Bain and Balrog items.
To trade in these leathers, speak to Strange Guy located at The Scorching Desert.
You can find him inThe Scorching Desert.

WARNING - x2 and x4 drop do not affect the drops from the orb.

List of Rewards

Bain Weapons

Bain Weapons are special weapons dropped in the balrog boss bonus stage,
They have the stats of a level 80 weapons but only require level 58 to wield.
They have 7 slots as usual but can be leveled up like reverse and timeless items.
They also cannot be traded after being equiped. These are some of the rarer drops from The Balrog Boss.
They also have no stat requirement so they are good for Dexless Sins and Lukless Mages.

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