Athena Pierce (Henesys)

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Athena Pierce (Henesys)
Athena Pierce.png
Species Elf
Service Job Instructor
Continent Victoria Island
Town Henesys

Athena Pierce is the Bowman Job Advancement NPC. Talk to her at Level 10 Beginner to become an Archer. You later return to her to move up to the 2nd and 3rd jobs. She can be found in the Henesys Mushroom Park, at the far right. You will have to fight her at the 3rd Job Advancement if you want to become a 3rd job Archer.

She is an elf, revealed during one of Aran's quests, and remains the only elf character in MapleStory until the Legend Update where, Mercedes, Ereb and other elf characters came out.


Athena Pierce is a 37 year-old bowman born into the royal bowmen family. Her father, Anthony Pierce, who served as the former Job Advancement NPC, disappeared after the Crimson Balrog wars, leaving Athena to promote herself to the position of Head of Bowmen from Instructor training at the age of 20.

During that time, Athena believed that Crimson had taken her father, so she held no mercy for monsters. She began to recruit only the most skilled marksmen and women and began training them to extremes, so that she could one day match up to Crimson. Her rage made her rid anyone in her way, and very soon people were extremely afraid to even mention her name.

Then one day, a group of magicians heard of Henesys' fear of Athena, and set out to seal her. In the process, only one of them, incidentally the oldest and wisest one, survived. He sealed her darker soul and transported it to a makeshift dimension, completely sealing it from the mortal world.

Athena recovered quickly from her unsummon, realizing her mistake of frightening Henesys. She atoned for the anguish she had caused and started anew, making sure that she didn't force anyone to have it her way. Since then, she had been training potential bowmen and women only for the sake of their interests, not for her own vengeance.

2 years later, Athena saw that most of her followers had become extraordinarily powerful, so she asked the magician who had sealed her other self away to open the portal up again. This time, however, she asked the magician to make sure that the Athena inside would not be able to get out, but instead the bowmen in the mortal world would be able to get in and out.

The magician did just that, and told Athena that certain items were required to enter and leave the realm. The ability to exist in the makeshift realm would not be permanent, so whatever Athena wanted to do, she had to do it within the time limit.

Athena entered the realm and fought against her dark side. When she finally came out, she was beaten and bleeding, but she made a discovery that death didn't exist in that realm. In other words, The Dark Athena Pierce will simply never be beaten, only have short lapses of nonexistence before she materialized again.

Soon, after Athena had recovered and was sure that her students were strong enough, he told them to go to the dimensional portal and defeat the Athena inside. The Dark Athena was in so much anguish within the isolated dimension that she held no mercy for even the most skilled bowmen.

Athena promoted the first bowman who managed to defeat the Dark Athena - Rene. Seeing that she was powerful in the field of marksmanship, she promoted her to the position of Third Job Advancement Instructor. About a month later, she sent her to El-Nath to meet the magician, and he invited her to the group of three instructors. Their headquarters are now located in Chief Residence, El-Nath.


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