Ariant PQ Basic Guide

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First off, this information is based off of my experience testing it in Tespia. I will change anything that was changed ASAP. Please feel free to PM me with any questions or information that is NOT already stated here.

Ariant Coliseum Party Quest is for Levels 20-30, just Like Kerning City Party Quest.

How to get there: There's a guy in a White and Light Blue robe named Cezare in almost every city (Well, an island's main city). He works similarly to Spieigelmann.

In Henesys: Underneath Chief Stan, beside Garnox

In Perion: Beside the storage keeper.

In Orbis: Keep walking left.

In Ludi: Bottom-left of the Potion Shop, Right of the Ludi Maze PQ Area

In Ariant: Beside Duey, at the very left of Ariant.

In Nautilus Port: Middle-top of the whole map


  1. Make a room and choose how many people are allowed in:

If you want 2, the round will be 1v1

3 people - 1v1v1
4 people - 1v1v1v1
Basically, everyone for him or herself

As soon as the round starts, you want to talk to the guy on top and he will give you 50 Rocks and 5 Bombs. I highly recommend putting each on a hot key.
The object of the PQ is to weaken the Scorpions (NOT KILL!!!) and use the Characteristics Rock to catch it. It's kind of like Pokemon :D.

The bomb: If you place a bomb, you have 3 seconds before it blows up, and be careful. They have a decent blast radius. If you, or another player, gets hit by the bomb, you will drop "Gem of a Soul" (points) and anyone can loot them. You will also get stunned for 1-2 seconds.

The rounds last for 7 or 8 minutes

And then the Prize!
If you get 200 "Battle Points" you get the Palm Tree Beach Chair! Hurray!

The chairs are tradeable. They heal 40 HP and 20 MP per 10 seconds.

Losing the round gives you 1 Point
Winning gives you a random point depending on how many catches you get. Say you have 40 catches, you get 4 points. But Nexon got smart. If the other player(s) don't have any or very litte points compared to yours, you only get 1 Point.

Exp: Levels 20-25: 2.4k exp (because you catch them instead of killing and damage low) and Levels 26-30: 3.8k exp (damage higher and overhit, causing it to be dead)

A little confusion: Ariant is a new town that can be visited through Orbis
The PQ can be visited through Cezare which is found in certain cities as said previously.


  • If you do kill the Scorpion, you will usually get a bomb and/or a "Jump Booster"(Makes you jump higher and walk faster), a "Fist of Power" (Improves your weapon attack), or a "Shield" (Protects you from losing any Spirit Jewels, but you still can be bombed).