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Master Monsters are a area/town boss introduced by MapleSEA on 17/7/08 with the first series with 6 monsters. It was introduced in Ver 0.61 and Ver. 60 in MapleGlobal. They are the weaker bosses in the game, with Mano being the weakest boss of them all.

The 2nd batch was introduced to MapleSEA on 9/10/08.

The 3rd batch was added to MapleSEA on 25/02/09 in ver 0.68.

The quests are:

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5(KMST only)


  • These quests are not repeatable.
  • All the above mentioned Master Monster beside their quest name spawns like a normal boss.
  • The spawning rate above is only estimated.
  • If no one has killed it,it will automatically dissapear or 'kill itself' after 2 hours,and will respawn.
  • Note:These are all in MapleSEA and MapleGlobal unless stated.
  • For Series 5,those monsters are originally as bot-catching monsters and have been upgraded as master monsters.