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Needs more descrip and picture avatar--Puppyswan 22:45, 5 September 2009 (UTC) Aquila is the beta world and a world of MapleSEA.


  • Channels: 20
  • Started: 0000hrs, 18th April 2006(GMT+8)
  • Aspects: Same as other maplesea servers.
  • World Ranking: Level 200 (MrYaNdAo and Ossaris)
  • Most crowded server among the six

Aquila is one of the most popular servers in MapleSEA and is also the first server to be launched out of the six. Channel 1 is the most crowded channel , especially at the Free Market as many people go there to sell and buy items either from stores or from other people. Channel 20 is also a a largely used channel as alot of people like to go to the Free Market and slack.

Aquila is hard to get into at peak hours and usually lags really badly. At times users may not be able to acesss it.

Description of Characters

MrYaNdAo was actually the first person to get to Level 200.The next person to reach lvl 200 is Ossaris who is 2nd on the maplesea ranking next to jessbunny.