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If you meant the underwater city, see Aquarium.

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Aqua Road is an underwater sub-continent in the continent of Ossyria. Aqua Road consists of Aquarium, the Aqua Dungeon, and surrounding areas.

Aqua Road is connected to the bottom of Orbis Tower. It contains many sea creature monsters. Characters constantly receive damage in the water without a source of air. This problem can be resolved by completing Hughes's Weird Invention, a level 60 quest, which gives you an Oxygen Tank cape that gives you unlimited air, or using an Air Bubble, which lasts for 15 minutes. Some items can only be found as drops from Aqua Road monsters. There will also be new cape found through a quest, which are numbered from lvls 1-95.

The Aqua Dungeon has monsters like Shark (level 100 before Big Bang, level 103 after) and Cold Shark (level 102/107). The boss of the area is Pianus (level 110), a large flounder. This boss can summon Bloodboom (level 75). In addition to summoning, it can shoot a huge laser, drop boxes from the top, shoot beams from the ground, and can activate Super Defense UP, which decreases melee and ranged attack damages to 1 for a while. The cave it is enclosed in does not allow you to swim upward.


Pre Big Bang Levels

Most monsters here are weak to poison and lightning, making this a good place for newly-advanced Fire/Poison Wizards with Poison Breath to train.

Post Big Bang Levels

Note that the Big Bang dramatically increased the levels of the formerly low-level monsters. As such, the information on the monsters' respective pages may not be up-to-date. The levels listed here are those given in-game in MapleGlobal.


This map is located in Ossyria, and it can be accessed through Orbis Tower, Korean Folk Town, and Herb Town. You can get to Herb Town by talking to the Dolphin in Aquarium. The Dolphin can also give you a ride to The Sharp Unknown, which connects to Korean Folk Town.


Aqua Road is now in every version of Maplestory, includingMaple Europe. It was added to MapleGlobal in a massive summer patch, released in July 2006. The patch became infamous for the then record downtime of over 16 hours. The patch was delayed extensively throughout the day, with users getting anxious and frustrated as the day progressed. Once Aqua Road was finally released, several problems plagued the patch, such as random logouts, failure to patch properly, and massive lag. In fact, the release of the Aqua Road patch led to "Max Server Capacity" errors on Scania, Bera, and led to massive lag on Broa (Broa would not face MSC errors until the following summer). The patch is generally most remembered not only for the negative events in its wake, but also for the generally mixed reactions to it as a whole. Throughout the summer months and well into autumn, the area thrived as a popular hangout for numerous Maplers, whether they were seeking exploration or just wanting to socialize. However, following the release of Aqua Dungeon at the end of that summer, the popularity of Aqua Road decreased. As the years progressed, interest in the area waned greatly. General consesus shows that Aqua Road (as of 2010) is a wasteland, with neither its maps nor Aqua Dungeon being sought as viable training spots. The Big Bang, released in 2010-2011, increased the levels of all of the monsters in the area except Pianus.

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