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Welcome to my comprehensive guide for Angelic Buster. This guide has everything an Angelic Buster needs to know varying from skill builds to AP distribution to training spots to equipment to medals! We have everything you need to know! Hyper Skills are included!

Angelic Burster icon.png
Angelic Buster selection button

Angelic Buster Guide, the Idol of the Battlefield, is the Pirate variation of the Nova class and was introduced in the fourth part of the Tempest Update.


The story begins with a special Nova girl named Tear. She was unlike the rest of her kind, being without a tail or magic was the subject of ridicule by other Novas. Her only friends was Kyle, the future Kaiser and Beldeross. Continuing at the beginning of the Kaiser's storyline, Tear and Kyle were affected by a powerful cube, which knocks Tear out before Kyle, who uses his newfound Kaiser powers to defeat few of Magnus' henchmen. Tear wakes up after, now using her powers and defeats the rest of the henchmen.

Tear is now equipped with a magical bracelet, which reveals itself to be the vessel of the ancient dragon, Escada. Escada appoints Tear as her new guardian and becomes the Angelic Buster.


Angelic Buster is a ranged class, who uses DEX as her main stat. She carries a unique weapon of her own called a Soul Shooter and wields her secondary weapon, the Soul Ring. Angelic Buster contains very unique properties throughout gameplay. You start out like normal, but you have the ability to transform into Angelic Buster at will. She will wear the appropriate gear and clothing as depicted for her character, hiding the player's equipment except her weapon.

Like the Demon Slayer, Angelic Buster does not use Mana at all, but instead uses a rather unique system called Soul Recharge. Some of her main attacking skills are affected by this system and cannot be used unless they are recharged somehow. The only methods to recharge and use those skills are by attacking monsters with your attack key or by using your Affinity skills. Each Recharge skill will also come with a chance to charge up for re-use.

The biggest special capability Angelic Buster has is her massive damage potential. Angelic Buster is the first class to utilize a Max Damage system, allowing her to go beyond the maximum damage cap, going as low to 10 million damage up to a whopping 100 million damage, making her the strongest character in Maplestory!

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Angelic Buster
Angelic Buster (II)
Angelic Buster (III)
Angelic Buster (IV)
(Hyper Skills)

Pros and Cons


--Has both Melee and Range skills.
--No need for MP pots
--Relatively high range
--Nova Warrior available at Tempest Event
--Can break the damage cap


-Gender Locked to female
-Little supportive skills.
-Low HP which means more deaths

Character Creation


We can only create characters for this class. We have the option to choose between two different faces and two different hair styles as shown in the picture.

Character Card Effect

There are several bonuses that Angelic Buster give in the Character Card Effect.

If you are level:

30-59 (Grade B) - You receive an additional 10 Dex

60-99 (Grade A) - You receive an additional 20 Dex

100-199 (Grade S) - You receive an additional 40 Dex

200 (Grade SS) - You receive an additional 80 Dex.


Soul Shooters

Angelic Buster Soul Shooters
Levels 1-30
Purple Haze - Pink Haze
Levels 31-70
Chaos Pink Haze - King Pepe Pink Haze - Purple Hatchling - Jade Hatchling - Chaos Jade Hatchling - Pink Wormhead - Xerxes's Pink Wormhead
Levels 71-120
Jade Worm - Tempest Soul Shooter - Balrog's Red Wormhead - Red Wormhead - Balrog's Jade Wormhead - Jade Wormhead - Chaos Jade Wormhead - Green Dragon Soul - Dragonic Jade Worm - Iron Dragon - Angelic Buster Bloody Boom - Cora Von Leon White Worm - Mer Von Leon White Worm - Necro Purple Dragon - Reverse Purple Dragon - Timeless Purple Dragon
Levels 121+
Abyss Purple Dragon - Fearless Purple Dragon - Grand Vepar Bloody Moon - Imperial Moon - Vepar Bloody Moon - Loveless Purple Dragon - Shark Tooth Soul Drinker

Soul Rings

Pink Soul Ring


Level: 10

STR: +2

DEX: +2

INT: +2

LUK: +2

HP: +300

Weapon Defense: +100

Magic Defense: +100

Purple Soul Ring


Level: 30

STR: +4

DEX: +4

INT: +4

LUK: +4

HP: +500

Weapon Defense: +150

Magic Defense: +150

Blue Soul Ring


Level: 60

STR: +6

DEX: +6

INT: +6

LUK: +6

HP: +700

Weapon Defense: 200

Magic Defense: +200

Green Soul Ring


Level: 100

STR: +10

DEX: +10

INT: +10

LUK: +10

HP: +900

Weapon Defense: +300

Magic Defense: +300


Lesser Angel Emblem


Level 60

STR: +5

DEX: +5

W.att: +1

M.att: +1

HP: +300

Angel Emblem


Level 100

STR: 10

DEX: +10

W.att: +2

M.att: +2

HP: +400


Nova Contractor

Nova Contractor.png

Level: 10

HP: +100

Agent Of Justice

Agent of Justice.png

Level: 30

HP: +150

Pink Angel

Pink ANgel.png

Level: 60

STR: +1

DEX: +1

INT: +1

LUK: +1

HP: +200

True Idol

True Idol.png

Level: 100

STR: +2

DEX: +2

INT: +2

LUK: +2

HP: +250

Super Star

Super Star.png

Level: 200

W.att: +3

HP: +300

Event Items

Angelic Buster Ring

Angelic buster ring.png

Level: 50

STR: +3

DEX: +3

INT: +3

LUK: +3

Weapon Attack: +10

Magic Attack: +10

Weapon Defense: +10

Magic Defense: +10

-If 3rd Advancement Angelic Buster or 4th Advancement:

Weapon Attack: +5

You will receive the item once you reach Level 50 on your Angelic Buster as a gift

Angel Wing Band


Level 75

STR: +12

DEX: +12

INT: +12

LUK: +12

Weapon Defense: +50

Magic Defense: +50

HP: +200

MP: +200

Upgrade Slot: 10

-If 3rd Advancement Angelic Busster or 4th Advancement:

critical rate +5%

-If 4th Advancement Angelic Busster:

DEX: +10

Weapon Attack: +6

Hidden potential item, the item will be unique upon revealing.

Rising Tempest Equipment

Angelic Buster Rising Tempest Set
Angelic Buster Fervent Gear.png   Angelic Buster Fervent Gear
Angelic Buster Mystic Face Accessory.png   Angelic Buster Mystic Face Accessory
Angelic Buster Mystic Eye Accessory.png   Angelic Buster Mystic Eye Accessory
Angelic Buster Mystic Earrings.png   Angelic Buster Mystic Earrings
Angelic Buster Fervent Mail.png   Angelic Buster Fervent Mail
Angelic Buster Fervent Boots.png   Angelic Buster Fervent Boots
Angelic Buster Fervent Gauntlets.png   Angelic Buster Fervent Gauntlets
Angelic Buster Fervent Cape.png   Angelic Buster Fervent Cape
Angelic Buster Imperial Ring.png   Angelic Buster Imperial Ring
Angelic Buster Mystic Pendant.png   Angelic Buster Mystic Pendant
Angelic Buster Imperial Belt.png   Angelic Buster Imperial Belt
Angelic Buster Imperial Shoulder.png   Angelic Buster Imperial Shoulder
Angelic Buster Bloody Boom.png   Angelic Buster Bloody Boom

AP Distribution

Angelic Buster's main stat is Dex. With the arrival of the Tempest Update, the stat system was overhauled to remove secondary stats. Just pump 'em points into DEX.


In order to perform skills, you must transform into your alternate mode, the Pink Idol. You transform using the begginer skill, Dress Up. Special attires for Dress Up modes designed for Angelic Busters are available in the Cash Shop, only 3 options for the overall.

Angelic Buster Dress Up.png

Note: This file does not belong to me as I have taken it from Google Images.

Recharge System

Upon the release of Angelic Buster, there was a new system implemented called the Recharge System. When you attack, it will say recharge on your screen. Additionally, you can use special abilities and skills when you have enough "ammunition".


Link Skill

Angelic Buster's link skill is Soul Contract. When she uses that skill, all her attacks in the next tens seconds will have a damage increase of 100%. When you link it to another character, the skill will only be an increase of 50%. Additionally, there is a cool down of ninety seconds. In order to link this skill to another character, your Angelic buster will need to be a minimum of level 70.

Beginner Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Blessing of the Sprite.png Blessing of the Fairy Skill Point will increase by 1 when the related character reaches above Lv.10. Supportive 20 x -
Empress's Blessing.png Empress's Blessing Grants 1 skill level for every 5 levels your highest level Cygnus character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied. Supportive 30 x -
Echo of Hero.png Echo of Hero Increase weapon attack and magic attack on all players around. Supportive 1 x Must be a level 200.
Soul Buster.png Soul Buster Inherit Eskalade's power to control both the Soul Shooter and Soul Ring. Passive 1 x -
Terms and Conditions.png Terms and Conditions Use your mastery of contract law to make Eskalade boost Attack Power for a short time. Supportive 1 x -
Grappling Heart.png Grappling Heart Tosses a magical line above you to ascend to higher platforms. Supportive 1 x -
Day Dreamer.png Day Dreamer Move to Angelic Buster's room, The Lovely Buster Suite. Exits to Pantheon. Supportive 1 x -
Hyper Coordinate.png Hyper Coordinate Customize your post-transformation appearance. You can only change your appearance from the Coordinate equip window while transformed. Supportive 1 x -
Dress-Up.png Dress-Up Summon the power of Eskalade to transform into Angelic Buster. Supportive 1 x -
True Heart Inheritance.png True Heart Inheritance Draw out Eskalade's true strength to enhance your Soul Shooter's hidden power. Passive 1 x -

First Job Skills

1st Job

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Affinity Heart I.png Affinity Heart I Get closer to Eskalade to draw out strength and make your body lighter. Passive 20 x x
Feather Hop.png Feather Hop Tumble while jumping with direction key. Press jump again to repeat. Supportive 10 x x
Melody Cross.png Melody Cross Uses the power of Eskalade to see through enemy movements. Supportive 15 x x
Star Bubble.png Star Bubble Fires a condensed stream of unrefined energy. Deals area damage when projectile hits. Supportive 20 x x

First Job Skill Build

10: +1 Star Bubble (1), +1 Affinity Heart I (1), +3 Feather Hop (3)

11: + 3 Feather Hop (6)

12: +3 Feather Hop (9)

13: +1 Feather Hop (Max), + 2 Affinity Heart I (3)

14: +3 Affinity Heart I (6)

15: +3 Affinity Heart I (9)

16: +3 Affinity Heart I (12)

17: +3 Affinity Heart I (15)

18: +3 Affinity Heart I (18)

19: +2 Affinity Heart I (Max) , +1 Star Bubble (1)

20: + 3 Star Bubble( 5 )

21: + 3 Star Bubble( 8 )

22: +3 Star Bubble (11)

23: +3 Star Bubble ( 14)

24: +3 Star Bubble (17 )

25: +3 Star Bubble ( Max)

26: +3 Melody Cross (3 )

27: +3 Melody Cross ( 6 )

28: +3 Melody Cross (9 )

29: +3 Melody Cross ( 12)

30: +3 Melody Cross (Max)


Feather Hop: Max

Affinity Heart I: Max

Star Bubble: Max

Melody Cross: Max

Explanation: We get 5 SP after the Story Line and we allocate them to Star Bubble, Affinity Heart I and Feather Hop. Firstly, maxing Feather Hop is for mobility because moving around quicker in maps is good. Secondly, maxing Affinity Hear is for the recharge and the speed. Star Bubble is then maxed because it is the main attacking skill. Melody Cross is quite useless because it increases accuracy, therefore it is maxed last. Note that This build is NOT according to the regular skill build. If you want to "power train", MAX melody cross before Star bubble

Second Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Soul Shooter Mastery.png Soul Shooter Mastery Increase Soul Shooter Mastery, Accuracy, and Weapon Attack Power. Passive 10 x -
Beautiful Soul.png Beautiful Soul Permanently increases DEX. Passive 5 x -
Affinity Heart II.png Affinity Heart II Get closer with Eskalade to receive battle experience and increase resistance. Passive 20 x -
Pink Pummel.png Pink Pummel Rushes through enemies, causing knockback. Has a chance to recharge. Active 20 x -
Power Transfer.png Power Transfer Generates a shield that absorbs a portion of damage dealt by the enemy. Supportive 20 x -
Lovely Sting.png Lovely Sting Pierce enemies with a beam of pretty power and inflict a debuff. Use the skill again to detonate the debuff. Supportive 20 x -

Second Job Skill Build

If you want more recharge before mastery, use the second build. If you want extra firepower (weapon attack) and you're willing to deal with less recharge, use the first build. It may get frustrating at times, but you're dishing out more damage. Maxing Pink Pummel or Lovely sting is based on your preference.

Second Job Skill Build 1

Second Job Skill Build

30: +1 Lovely Sting (1), +1 Soul Shooter Mastery (1), +1 Affinity Heart II (1), +1 Beautiful Soul (1)

31: +3 Soul Shooter Mastery (4)

32: +3 Soul Shooter Mastery (7)

33: +3 Soul Shooter Mastery (Max)

34: +3 Beautiful Soul (4)

35: +1 Beautiful Soul (Max), +2 Affinity Heart II (3)

36: +3 Affinity Heart II (6)

37: +3 Affinity Heart II (9)

38: +3 Affinity Heart II (12)

39: +3 Affinity Heart II (15)

40: +3 Affinity Heart II (18)

41: +2 Affinity Heart II (Max), +1 Power Transfer (1)

42: +3 Power Transfer (4)

43: +3 Power Transfer (7)

44: +3 Power Transfer (10)

45: +3 Power Transfer (13)

46: +3 Power Transfer (16)

47: +3 Power Transfer (19)

48: +1 Power Transfer (Max), +1 Pink Pummel (1), +1 Lovely Sting (2)

49: +3 Lovely Sting (5)

50: +3 Lovely Sting (8)

51: +3 Lovely Sting (11)

52: +3 Lovely Sting (14)

53: +3 Lovely Sting (17)

54: +3 Lovely Sting (Max)

55: +3 Pink Pummel (4)

56: +3 Pink Pummel (7)

57:+3 Pink Pummel (10)

58:+3 Pink Pummel (13)

59:+3 Pink Pummel (16)

60:+3 Pink Pummel (19)


Affinity Heart II: Max

Soul Shooter Mastery: Max

Beautiful Soul: Max

Pink Pummel: Max or 19

Power Transfer: Max

Lovely Sting: 19 or Max

Pink Pummel and Lovely Sting should be maxed according to person's preference. ANY Mastery Skill should ALWAYS be maxed first in second job and in most cases in fourth job, though AB's Affinity Heart IV does happen to be a recommended skill to max first.

Second Job Skill Build 2

30:+1 Pink Pummel (1), Lovely Sting (1), +2 Affinity Heart II (2)

31:+3 Affinity Heart II (5)

32:+3 Affinity Heart II (8)

33:+3 Affinity Heart II (11)

34:+3 Affinity Heart II (14)

35:+3 Affinity Heart II (17)

36:+3 Affinity II (Max)

37:+3 Soul Shooter Mastery (3)

38:+3 Soul Shooter Mastery (6 )

39:+3 Soul Shooter Mastery (9)

40:+1 Soul Shooter Mastery (Max), + 2 Beautiful Soul (2)

41:+3 Beautiful Soul (Max)

42:+3 Pink Pummel [ 4 ]

43:+3 Pink Pummel [ 7 ]

44:+3 Pink Pummel ( 10 )

45:+3 Pink Pummel (13)

46:+3 Pink Pummel (16)

47:+3 Pink Pummel (19)

48:+1 Pink Pummel (Max), +2 Power Transfer (2)

49:+3 Power Transfer (5)

50:+3 Power Transfer (8)

51:+3 Power Transfer (11)

52:+3 Power Transfer (14)

53:+3 Power Transfer (17)

54:+3 Power Transfer (Max)

55:+3 Lovely Sting (4)

56:+3 Lovely Sting (7)

57:+3 Lovely Sting (10)

58:+3 Lovely Sting (13 )

59:+3 Lovely Sting (16)

60:+3 Lovely Sting (19)


Affinity Heart II: Max

Soul Shooter Mastery: Max

Beautiful Soul: Max

Pink Pummel: Max or 19

Power Transfer: Max

Lovely Sting: 19 or Max

Third Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Love Me Heart.png Love Me Heart Become more resistant to external damage with inner peace. Passive 10 x -
Affinity Heart III.png Affinity Heart III Get closer with Eskalade to increase DEX and acquire vision. Passive 20 x -
Heavenly Crash.png Heavenly Crash Slams the ground to create a shockwave that attacks enemies in range and launches them. Active 20 x -
Dragon Whistle.png Dragon Whistle Endure Eskalade's advances to increase Weapon Attack. Supportive 20 x -
Iron Blossom.png Iron Blossom Withstands enemy attacks with iron-like will. Supportive 20 x -
Soul Seeker.png Soul Seeker Extracts the essence of Eskalade's power and sends it flying at enemies. Deals damage continuously until it disappears. Active 20 x -
Shining Star Burst.png Shining Star Burst Summons group of star blades enchanted with Eskalade's power. Active 20 x -

Third Job Skill Build

60:+1 Affinity Heart III (1 ), +1 Heavenly Crash ( 1 ), +1 Soul Seeker ( 1 ), +1 Iron Blossom (1 )

61:+1 Shining Star Burst (1), +2 Affinity Heart III (3)

62:+3 Affinity Heart III (6)

63:+3 Affinity Heart III (9)

64:+3 Affinity Heart III (12)

65:+3 Affinity Heart III (15)

66:+3 Affinity Heart III (18)

67:+2 Affinity Heart III (Max), + 1 Dragon Whistle (1)

68:+3 Dragon Whistle (4)

69:+3 Dragon Whistle (7)

70:+3 Dragon Whistle (10)

71:+3 Dragon Whistle (13)

72:+3 Dragon Whistle (16)

73:+3 Dragon Whistle (19)

74:+1 Dragon Whistle (Max) , +2 Heavenly Crash (3)

75:+3 Heavenly Crash (6)

76:+3 Heavenly Crash (9)

77:+3 Heavenly Crash (12)

78:+3 Heavenly Crash (15)

79:+3 Heavenly Crash (18)

80:+2 Heavenly Crash (Max), +1 Soul Seeker (2)

81:+3 Soul Seeker (5)

82:+3 Soul Seeker (8 )

83:+3 Soul Seeker (11)

84:+3 Soul Seeker (14 )

85:+3 Soul Seeker (17 )

86:+3 Soul Seeker (Max)

87:+3 Iron Blossom (4)

88:+3 Iron Blossom (7)

89:+3 Iron Blossom (10)

90:+3 Iron Blossom (13)

91:+3 Iron Blossom (16)

92:+3 Iron Blossom (19)

93:+1 Iron Blossom (Max), +2 Shining Star Burst (3)

94:+3 Shining Star Burst (6)

95:+3 Shining Star Burst (9)

96:+3 Shining Star Burst (12)

97:+2 Shining Star Burst (14), +1 Love Me Heart (1)

98:+3 Love Me Heart (4)

99:+3 Love Me Heart (7)

100:+3 Love Me Heart (Max)


Affinity Heart III: Max

Dragon Whistle: Max

Heavenly Crash: Max

Soul Seeker: Max

Iron Blossom: Max

Love Me Heart: Max

Shining Star Burst: 14


Firstly, we add one point into Affinity Heart III for additional damage. We also add one point into Heavenly crash as it is our primary attacking skill in third job. Additionally, we add one point into Soul Seeker for a variety in our attacks. We add a few points into Iron Blossom for some stance. We max Affinity Heart III for the damage increase. Furthermore, we max Dragon Whistle for another damage increase. We then max out our main mobbing skill, Heavenly Crash, followed by Soul Seeker. Then we max Iron Blossom. Then we add a few points onto Shining Star Burst. Lastly, we max Love Me Heart for some extra hp, defense and magic defense.

Fourth Job Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Nova Warrior2.png Nova Warrior Temporarily increases the stats of all team members. Supportive 30 x -
Nova Temperance.png Nova Temperance By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -
Soul Shooter Expert.png Soul Shooter Expert Increases Soul Shoot Mastery and Weapon Attack. Passive 30 x Level 10 Soul Shooter Mastery
Affinity Heart IV.png Affinity Heart IV Increases affinity with the ancient dragon race to obtain the pinnacle of Soul Recharge. Passive 30 x -
Finale Ribbon.png Finale Ribbon Swings your ribbon with the power of love and justice to attack all nearby enemies. Active 30 x -
Soul Resonance.png Soul Resonance Resonates with Eskalade's soul and brings him to life. Active 30 x -
Star Gazer.png Star Gazer Borrows Eskalade's power to receive eyes that see through enemies' soul. Supportive 30 x -
Trinity.png Trinity Condenses Eskalade's power to attack one enemy continuously. Active 30 x -
Celestial Roar.png Celestial Roar Sends out the soul-shaking roar of Eskalade. Active 30 x -

Fourth Job Skill Build

100:+1 Finale Ribbon (1), Soul Resonance (1), +1 Trinity (1), +1 Celestial Roar (1)

101:+1 Soul Shooter Expert (1), +1 Affinity Heart IV (1), + 1 Star Gazer (1)

102:+3 Affinity Heart IV (4)

103:+3 Affinity Heart IV (7)

104:+3 Affinity Heart IV (10)

105:+3 Affinity Heart IV (13)

106:+3 Affinity Heart IV (16)

107:+3 Affinity Heart IV (19)

108:+3 Affinity Heart IV (22)

109:+3 Affinity Heart IV (25)

110:+3 Affinity Heart IV (28) 111:+2 Affinity Heart IV (Max) +1 Soul Shooter Expert (2)

112:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (5)

113:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (8)

114:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (11)

115:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (14)

116:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (17)

117:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (20)

118:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (23)

119:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (26)

120:+3 Soul Shooter Expert (29)

121:+1 Soul Shooter Expert (Max), +2 Star Gazer (3)

122:+3 Star Gazer (6)

123:+3 Star Gazer (9)

124:+3 Star Gazer (12)

125:+3 Star Gazer (15)

126:+3 Star Gazer (18)

127:+3 Star Gazer (21)

128:+3 Star Gazer (24)

129:+3 Star Gazer (27)

130:+3 Star Gazer (Max)

131:+3 Celestial Roar (4)

132:+3 Celestial Roar (7)

133:+3 Celestial Roar (10)

134:+3 Celestial Roar (13)

135:+3 Celestial Roar (16)

136:+3 Celestial Roar (19)

137:+3 Celestial Roar (22)

138:+3 Celestial Roar (25)

139:+3 Celestial Roar (28)

140:+2 Celestial Roar (Max), +1 Finale Ribbon (2)

141:+3 Finale Ribbon (5)

142:+3 Finale Ribbon (8)

143:+3 Finale Ribbon (11)

144:+3 Finale Ribbon (14)

145:+3 Finale Ribbon (17)

146:+3 Finale Ribbon (20)

147:+3 Finale Ribbon (23)

148:+3 Finale Ribbon (26)

149:+3 Finale Ribbon (29)

150:+1 Finale Ribbon (Max), +2 Trinity (3)

151:+3 Trinity (6)

152:+3 Trinity (9)

153:+3 Trinity (12)

154:+3 Trinity (15) 155:+3 Trinity (18)

156:+3 Trinity (21)

157:+3 Trinity (24)

158:+3 Trinity (27)

159:+3 Trinity (Max)

160:+3 Soul Resonance (3)

161:+3 Soul Resonance (6)

162:+3 Soul Resonance (9)

163:+3 Soul Resonance (12)

164:+3 Soul Resonance (15)

165:+3 Soul Resonance (18)

166:+3 Soul Resonance (21)

167:+3 Soul Resonance (24)

168:+3 Soul Resonance (27)

169:+3 Soul Resonance (Max)

170:+3 Nova Warrior (3)

171:+3 Nova Warrior (6)

172:+3 Nova Warrior (9)

173:+3 Nova Warrior (12)

174:+3 Nova Warrior (15)

175:+3 Nova Warrior (18)

176:+3 Nova Warrior (21)

177:+3 Nova Warrior (24)

178:+3 Nova Warrior (27)

179:+3 Nova Warrior (Max)

180:+3 Nova Hero's Will (3)

181:+2 Nova Hero's Will (Max)

The rest is free SP


Affinity Heart IV: Max

Soul Shooter Expert: Max

Star Gazer: Max

Celestial Roar: Max

Finale Ribbon: Max

Trinity Soul Battery Skill: Max

Soul Resonance: Max

Nova Warrior: Max


Firstly, put one point into every skill except Nova Warrior. Secondly, we max Affinity Heart IV to increase recharge and mastery. Thirdly, we max Soul Shooter Expert to improve our mastery and damage, and critical. Fourthly, we max Primal Roar, a mobbing skill. It deals ferocious damage. Additionally, the skill may also stun the monsters and increase recharge. Fifthly, we max Star Gazer to increase both minimum and maximum critical damage. However, it does not stack with the Bowmaster skill , Sharp Eyes. Fifthly is Celestial Roar, a powerful skill. Sixthly, we max Finale Ribbon, a party skill. Followed by Finale Ribbon is Trinity, another attacking skill. Lastly, we max Soul Resonance.

Hyper Skills

Hyper Skills are in a separate tab from your normal skills. These are brand new skills that you will be receiving SP for every 10 levels beginning at level 140. You can access them in your skills tab. However, you need to click on a button in the skill tab to access them.

There are three different types of Hyper Skills.

Stat enhancing passive skills You will receive 6 skill points for this category. There are 13 skills in this category.

Skill enhancing passive skills You will receive 5 skill points for this category. There are 9 skills in this category.

Attacks and buffs (Actives) You will receive 4 skill points for this category. There are 3 skills in this category.

The maximum level for every skill is one point. Therefore, for the stat and skill enhancing skills, you will need to choose what you want to max.

However, for the attacks and buffs (actives), you can max everything.

Starting at level 140, you will be receiving skill points every 10 levels.

Level 140 Stat enhancing SP: +1 Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 150: Stat enhancing SP: +1 Attack/buff SP: +1

Level 160: Stat enhancing SP: +1 Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 170: Stat enhancing SP: +1 Attack/buff SP: +1

Level 180: Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 190: Stat enhancing SP: +1 Skill enhancing SP: +1

Level 200: Stat enhancing SP: +1 Skill enhancing SP: +1 Attack/buff SP: +1

Passive Stat Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level
Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength Permanently increases STR. Passive 1 140
Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity Permanently increases DEX. Passive 1 140
Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence Permanently increases INT. Passive 1 140
Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck Permanently increases LUK. Passive 1 140
Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical Permanently increases Critical Rate. Passive 1 198
Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy Permanently increases Accuracy. Passive 1 158
Hyper Health.png Hyper Health Permanently increases Max HP. Passive 1 192
Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana Permanently increases Max MP. Passive 1 186
Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury Permanently increases Max DF. Passive 1 180
Hyper Weapon Defense.png Hyper Weapon Defense Permanently increases Weapon DEF. Passive 1 165
Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense Permanently increases Magic DEF. Passive 1 174
Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed Permanently increases Movement Speed. Passive 1 152
Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump Permanently increases Jump. Passive 1 146

Passive Skill Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Soul Seeker - Reinforce.png Soul Seeker - Reinforce Increases Soul Seeker's damage. Passive 1 183
Soul Seeker - Make Up.png Soul Seeker - Make Up Increases Soul Seeker's recreation chance. Passive 1 143
Soul Seeker - Recharge Up.png Soul Seeker - Recharge Up Increases Soul Seeker's recharge chance. Passive 1 162
Finale Ribbon - Reinforce.png Finale Ribbon - Reinforce Increases Finale Ribbon's damage. Passive 1 168
Finale Ribbon - Overwhelm.png Finale Ribbon - Overwhelm Increases Finale Ribbon's damage max value debuff amount. Passive 1 189
Finale Ribbon - Cooldown Cutter.png Finale Ribbon - Cooldown Cutter Reduces Finale Ribbon cooldown. Passive 1 149
Soul Resonance - Reinforce.png Soul Resonance - Reinforce Increases Soul Resonance's damage. Passive 1 195
Soul Resonance - Cooldown Cutter.png Soul Resonance - Cooldown Cutter Reduces Soul Resonance cooldown. Passive 1 177
Soul Resonance - Persist.png Soul Resonance - Persist Increases Soul Resonance's duration. Passive 1 155

Active Attack/Buff

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Pretty Exaltation.png Pretty Exaltation Resonates with Eskalade's soul to magnify power. Supportive 1 150
Supreme Supernova.png Supreme Supernova Borrows Eskalade's power to summon the colossal power of the cosmos. Active 1 170
Final Contract.png Final Contract Allows you to control the power of Eskalade's contract to its fullest. Supportive 1 200

Hyper Skill Build

Stat Enhancing Skill Build

These are recommended:

Hyper Jump: Passively increase your jump by 10.

Hyper Critical Rate: Passively increase your critical rate by 10%.

Hyper Dexterity: Passively increase your DEX by 50.

Hyper Strength: Passively increase your STR by 50.

Hyper Max Heart Point: Passively increase your HP by 15%.

Hyper Physical Guard: Passively increase your physical defense by 500.

Hyper Magical Guard: Passively increase your magical defense by 500.

Skill Enhancing Skill Build

These are recommended:

Soul Resonance - Add Time: Soul Resonance's duration is increased by 4 seconds.

Soul Resonance - Cooltime Reduce: Soul Resonance's cooldown is decreased by 20%.

Soul Seeker - Make Up: Soul Seeker's regeneration rate is increased by 10%.

Soul Seeker - Reinforce: Soul Seeker's damage is increased by 20%.

Soul Seeker - Recharge Up: Soul Seeker's Recharge rate is increased by 10%.

Actives and Buffs Skill Build

We max all of these skills

Training Locations

This part is meant to help you level up with ease!

Level 1-10

Instant Level 10 - Highly Recommended

Level 10-20

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Blue Ribbon Pigs - Highly Recommended

Level 20-30

Mixed Golems/Flaming Mixed Golems -Recommeneded

Rotting Skeletons -Recommeneded

Baby Boulder Munchers and Big Boulder Munchers -Recommended

Job Quests -Highly Recommended

Jellyfish / Starfish -Recommeneded

Level 30-40

Scarecrows -Highly Recommended

Mushroom Kingdom -Recommended

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Level 40-50

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

Scarecrows -Recommended

Azwan PQ - Not Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Orbis Quests -Recommended

Sleepywood Quests -Recommended

Level 50-60

Scarecrows -Recommeneded

Sand Rats and Scorpions -Recommeneded

Azwan PQ -Not Recommeneded

Ludi PQ - Highly Recommeneded

Twisted Jesters - Highly Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Ludibrium Quests - Mildly Recommended

Korean Folk Town Quests - Mildly Recommended

Level 60-70

Iron Mutaes -Recommeneded

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Tippo Red and Tippo Blue -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Not Recommended

Ludi PQ - Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Omega Sector Quests - Recommended

Level 70-80

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Silent Crusade Questline -Mildly Recommended

Azwan PQ -Mildly Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Selkies and Slimies -Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Recommended

Roids and Neo Huroids -Recommended

Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level - Recommended

Sakura Castle Quests - Recommended

Level 80-90

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Mildly Recommended

Romeo and Juliet PQ Grind -Highly Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Recommended

Mr. Anchor - Recommended

Magatia Quests & Ariant Quests- Recommended

Level 90-100

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Highly Recommended

Azwan PQ - Mildly Recommended

Romeo and Juliet PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Mildly Recommended

Mr Anchor - Mildly Recommended

Angelic Buster Job Quests - Mildly Recommended

Level 100-110

Evolving World -Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Highly Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Master Death Teddies -Recommended

Level 110-120

Evolving World -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Not Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Crockies -Highly Recommended

Gigantic Spirit Vikings -Recommended

Dual Ghost Pirates - Recommended

Death Teddys - Mildly Recommended

Level 120-165

125+: Neo City- Good quests for a good medal and a free mastery book -Recommended

LHC (Bearwolves preferably) -Highly Recommended

Temple of Time 120+ Not the best, but an alternative to other crowded training spots -Not Recommended

Azwan 135+ -Not Recommended

Papulatus for free potions. Requires prequests-Recommended

Level 165-200

2nd Drill Hall 165-180/200 Good exp for high levels (Small Map) -Highly Recommended

Hall Of Honor 179-200 come here once you are 179 to get full exp. -Highly Recommended

Evolving World 120+ - Highly Recommended
-Not released in GMS yet

Temple of Time Not the best, but an alternative to crowded spots -Not Recommended

Azwan 135+ -Not Recommended

Papulatus for free potions. Requires prequests-Mildly Recommended

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