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About Amoria Party Quest

Amoria Party Quest is created for married couples daring enough to take on Geist Balrog lying deep within the party Quest. You Need to be at least Level 40 and above, and married, to be able to participate in the party quest. Amorian Party Quest can only be done every 6 hours. Be WARNED: to proceed to the boss stage, your party must consist of 6 members, meaning, if one member of the party dies, or disconnects, your party will be unable to continue to the Boss stage. Meaning, you will have to wait another 6 hours before re-particpating.

Getting Ready for the Party Quest

Head to Amoria, and hunt for 10 Lip Lock Keys, dropped by Indigo Eyes and Crystal Boars, which are located in Purplewood Forest 1 and Purplewood Forest 2. Once you have 10 Lip Lock Keys, take them to Amos in the Shalom Temple. Amos will give you one Entrance Ticket per ten keys, but you may only trade them in once every six hours. Once you have your ticket, form a party of 6 people, all of whom must be level 40 and above, and married (bringing your spouse is optional). The party must have both males and females. It is recommended that you have very high leveled party members to defeat the 3 phases of Geist Balrog which is seen in the party quest as you progress.

9400515.png Indigo Eye
9400516.png Crystal Boar
04031593.png Lip Lock Key

Participating in The Amoria Party Quest

After obtaining an Entrance Ticket and forming a party of 6, talk to Amos the Strong to enter the party quest. Once your party has entered the party quest, it's time for you and your members to become one and defeat all 6 stages.

Quest283.gif Entrance Ticket

Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Stage 1

After being spawned in the map, 3 portals will appear in front of you. Only one portal is correct, find that portal and it will lead you to the bottom area of the map (the correct portal is periodically changed, and chosen at random). Once at the bottom of the map, females head towards the left, and males towards the right. Proceed through the portal again (hidden in front of the rocks and sign posts), in this area, both male and female sides will see Crystal Boars, Indigo Eyes, and Magic Fierrys. Kill all enemies on both sides. Once all monsters are killed, your leader must talk to The Glimmer Man to summon Magik Fierry A or Magik Fierry B. Kill Magik Fierry A and obtain the Wing Hammer (be warned, the fierrys come from one side of the map to the other). Place the hammer on the mirror located in the middle of the map. The mirror will break into pieces, the party's leader must pick up the piece and then click The Glimmer Man to proceed to the next stage of the Amorian Challenge.

9400535.png Magik Fierry A
9400535.png Magik Fierry B
Quest287.gif Wing Hammer
Quest286.gif Magik Mirror Shard

Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Stage 2

This stage is the same as the "Sealed Room" in orbis Party Quest and the "Second Acompaniment" in Kerning Party quest. Your party members must climb on the 3 ropes and find the right combination to proceed to the next stage, and the party leader must stay on the bottom floor to talk to Amos and get hints to direct the party members with. It is recommended to start at 5-0-0 (5 people on the left rope, 0 on the middle rope, and 0 on the right rope) and follow the numbers according to the chart until you pass the stage. Please note: If you have tried seven times and not discovered the correct combination yet, a large number of Cold Eyes and Sentinels will spawn along the floor from the left side.


Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Stage 3

This stage is similar to the previous stage, although, every wrong combination will summon a series of monsters, indicating the number of players on the correct platform. The minimum amount of Slimes that can appear is 1 and the maximum number is 4. Each Slime that appears indicates that one person is standing on the correct platform. It is recommended to start at the bottom and work one's way up. This stage requires you to go through a process of elimination until you get the correct combination. When you have found the correct combination, go to the portal to move on to the next stage.

Here is a method of quickly solving this puzzle. You may want to get a piece of paper and pencil to take notes with until you can remember everything easily.

  1. Begin with party members on all four top platforms, and one member on the bottom left platform. Click on Amos and count the Slimes that spawn.
  2. Move the party member right one platform, click Amos again, and count how many Slimes spawn. Repeat for all of the bottom platforms, taking note of which platforms spawn an extra Slime.
  3. On the rare occasion that all five bottom platforms spawned the exact same number of Slimes (only one), then you can place all five party members along the bottom, click Amos, and the stage will clear.
  4. Once you have established which of the bottom platforms spawn one more Slime than the others, place four party members on any four platforms on the bottom and one party member on the top left platform. Talk to Amos and make note of how many Slimes spawn.
  5. Move the party member on the top platform right, making note of which platforms spawn more Slimes than the others.
  6. By the time the member on the top reaches the right platform, you should have five platforms marked as spawning more Slimes than the others. Place all five party members on the platforms that spawn more Slimes and talk to Amos one last time to complete the round.

Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Stage 4

This stage requires the members of the party (excluding the leader), to defeat all monsters that spawn here - they are Curse Eyes, Zombie Lupin, and Toy Trojan. Each defeated monster will drop a Cupid Code Piece. Each members must collect a total of 10 (50 in total). After the requirements are fulfilled, your leader must talk to Amos and move on to the next stage.

Curseeye.png Curse Eye
Zombie Lupin.PNG Zombie Lupin
Toy Trojan.PNG Toy Trojan
Quest288.gif Cupid Code Piece

Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Stage 5

This stage is very simple, all though members must be careful, as it is an easy stage to die. In this stage, all members have to run to the right of the screen. Members must hit the gates down to proceed to the next gate, eventually reaching the end. Be careful of monsters chasing behind, especially Rombots, which can inflict 10,000 damage when touched. After reaching the end, each member must talk to Amos, to procced to the final stage, The Boss Stage. Note: Only physical attacks will work to open the gates, and you cannot attack if you are too close to the gate.

Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Stage 6

In This stage, it requires you to defeat all 3 stages of Giest Balrog. Jump down to the bottom of the map and defeat Phase 1, which is Geist Barlog in the form of Jr. Balrog. After defeating phase 1, it shall transform to Phase 2, Crimson Balrog, which is the same as Jr. Balrog although it has the ability of flight. Once again, after defeating the second phase, the 3rd Phase will be summoned. Defeat the white Geist Balrog which is obviously strongest of the 3. It has the ability to randomly teleport, it can use Dispel (all skills and boosts are cancelled), a claw and scratch attack. After defeating the Geist Balrog, the Geist Fang will drop, give this to Amos, and proceed to the BONUS Stage. If you have any low level people, have them go to the left side and wait. Note: If you die, never click the 'Ok' button because when you do, your party can't clear the stage. So just wait until they've cleared and then click 'Ok'.

Jbalrogxl3.png Jr. Balrog (Phase 1)
9400537.png Crimson Balrog (Phase 2)
9400572.png Geist Balrog (Phase 3)
Quest285.gif Geist Fang

Amorian Challenge Party Quest - Bonus Stage

There are 2 type of bonus stages. One stage for a party that consists of 3 couples with their spouses. You will teleported to a map, where the first couple to kill all 35 enemies, collect their drops, and get to the top will have a chance to acquire a rare cape. Only the first couple will get the chance, and one spouse must give up his or her chance for the other spouse to have one. Once the special bonus is completed, you will be teleported to the normal bonus round.

If your party does not consist of three couples with their spouses, you will come to this bonus round and skip the previous one. Here you simply hit the scattered boxes around the map and obtain usable, equipments and etc. items. It is a good tactic to have a thief class cast haste before beginning, and standing where you can hit two boxes at once to save time and open more in the short time limit.


Each reward has the same probability of dropping, it just depends on your luck. Below is this list of Dropped items in the normal bonus round.


Ear036.gif Ear035.gif Ear034.gif Cape041.gif Cape040.gif


Jewel13.gif Jewel12.gif Jewel04.gif Gold1.gif Black crystal ore.gif


Food005.gif Food014.gif Food065.gif Food097.gif Food098.gif Food099.gif Potion045.gif Potion-power elixir.gif Setupeq003.gif


10%.gif 30%.gif 60%.gif 70%.gif 100%.gif

Guide By PlayMe/ ItsMyRoar ~ Beran :D

A few improvements (it was already pretty good) by Flickerblaze ~ Scania

Just two little things to add (good tips) ~ Icy629 ~ Galicia