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"Being the boss of the Ludibrium PQ, it is a force to be reckoned with. While in battle, it will also summon several monsters, making this boss even more difficult to kill."


  • Level:
  • HP:
  • MP:
  • Experience: 188,054


  • Weapon Attack: 280
  • Magic Attack: 260
  • Accuracy: 160


  • Weapon Defense: 210
  • Magic Defense: 240
  • Avoidability: 26

Special Location


  • Does very high damage (roughly 400-600 Magic Damage|magic damage and Weapon Damage|weapon damage. Less magic damage if a player is a mage; less weapon damage if player is a warrior.)
  • It has more health than Crimson Balrog.
  • When damaged, it summons Chronos, Platoon Chronos, and Master Chronos.
  • It is advised that one should bring multiple All Cure Potions, as Alishar can do lock up and accuracy down spells.
  • There is a very low chance that Alishar will drop its Dark Galaxy hat when killed.
  • Archers and Clerics are highly recommended for this boss.
  • Its Japanese nickname is 'Time Whale'.



Mageicon.gif Magician
Darkgalaxy.gif Dark Galaxy



Monster Book

A peculiar creature that swims the vast sea with its gigantic body. It is a monster that threatens the adverntures lost in the dimensional imbalance, although it, too, is a victim of the Dimensional Schism. It is a creature of powerful strength as well as an invincible monster that cannot be compleately destroyed but only chased away.

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