Agent Training (Master Monster Boss Party Quest)

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In order to train to become an efficient agent, one must hone one skills. Are you good enough to finish this challenge?

  • NOTE: Many individuals refer to this as the Boss PQ, or BPQ.


  • Repeatable.
  • You must have agreed to become an agent by talking to Gaga, and done the quest Suspicious Offer?!.
  • Event longer available.
  • Level Required: 10+
  • When recruiting people as the leader, you cannot recruit people lower than 30+ levels as your current level or +30 above your current level.

How to get to the Agent Training Map

First, you must be an agent. You cannot get to this map without being an agent. Second, talk to Gaga to be taken there. The talk option might be on the botton. Ask to be taken to the "training map" or "master monster" map.

Procedure to do the BPQ

There are two ways to do this pq. The first way involves going as far as you can solo,without any other help. This is quite difficult, and is even harder, depending on your job type. In order to do this, talk to the cat agent on the left side of the training screen.

The other method is to go in with a party of 3 to 6. It is recommended you take a priest and a DK both for this PQ. If you are the leader, talk to agent on the right side of the screen.

What the PQ comprises of

This PQ involves killing almost every boss in the game, excluding new Temple of Time bosses: Dodo, Pink Been, Lilynouch, Lyka; and regular/master/event ones: Seruf, Zakum, Horntail, Big Puff Daddy, Scrooge, etc. This PQ features new Bosses just added in for GMS. When you begin, you begin at Stage 1. Every 5 stages, there is a resting spot, named Resting Spot I, Resting Spot II, Resting Spot III, Resting Spot IV, Resting Spot V where the party can heal themselves, and if necessary, recruit more members. There is a total of 27 stages.

The Breakdown on the Agent Point System

The point system is how to get the Agent N's equipment by talking to the Agent Meow on the right. Points are based on actually how much you either hurt the boss, or are present on the map. Note that people run very fast through the PQ, expecially thorugh the first 5-10 stages, and sometimes you end up getting no points on certain maps; if you don't get in the map in time to see it actually die, you get no points or EXP.

Each point you earn can be towards a agent equipment. Depending on how many points you got, you either get the generic one, or the good one. My suggestion is to get the good one. It is not that hard to get, compared to some of the other agent items to get.


The experience gained in this PQ is quite small for high level players. It would be more beneficial for lower levels.

Depending on how many points are also earned, you will get a good or bad agent equipment. The following is a list of what items you can get:

  • NOTE: You get an Agent N's Old Receiver every time you ask one of the Agents for a reward and you have 200 agent points; however, the 5th time, you will receive an Agent N's Receiver instead (so effectively you need 1000 points for it).

The stages

Stage 1 - Mano

Stage 2 - Stumpy

Stage 3 - Dewu

Stage 4 - King Slime

Stage 5 - Faust

~~Resting Spot I~~

Stage 6 - King Clang

Stage 7 - Alishar

Stage 8 - Timer

Stage 9 - Mushmom

Stage 10 - Dyle

~~Resting Spot II~~

Stage 11 - Zeno

Stage 12 - Nona-Tailed Fox

Stage 13 - Lord Pirate

Stage 14 - Tae Roon

Stage 15 - Papa Pixie

~~Resting Spot III~~

Stage 16 - King Sage Cat

Stage 17 - Jr. Balrog

Stage 18 - Frankenroid

Stage 19 - Eliza

Stage 20 - Kimera

~~Resting Spot IV~~

Stage 21 - Snowman

Stage 22 - Crimson Balrog

Stage 23 - Monster

Stage 24 - Griffey

Stage 25 - Leviathan

~~Resting Spot V~~

Stage 26 - Papulatus

Stage 27 - Pianus

  • Watch a high quality movie of some people absolutely OWNING this PQ : YouTube (Watch in High Quality, use Windows Explorer)