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Afrien is the king of the, now extinct, Onyx dragons. Afrien helped create the Spirit Pact with Freed to create the Dragon Masters, giving normal mages with strong spirits the ability to use the Onyx dragons great power. When the Black Mage heard of this power, he visited Afrien and asked Afrien to join with him and betray the humans in return for more power. Afrien tried to explain that the spirit pact was a bond of friendship, not power and told him he could never betray the humans. The Black Mage then looked for a way to break the Spirit pact and found his way. He then attacked the Onyx Dragons and killed them all, then casted a spell on Freed but he didn't count on Afrien coming to protect his master. The Black Mage froze Afrien and succeed in breaking the Spirit Pact, but Afrien left behind a egg and gave it to Freed to hide. Freed hid it away so only one with a strong spirit could find the egg, and remake the Spirit Pact. Afrien is later introduced in the Evan story line during the Secret Origination's Fourth Mission, and tells the story of himself and Freed during the Black Mage's attack.