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  • Accuracy determines the chances of your melee attack being able to hit a Monster.
  • Accuracy can be seen by expanding the Stat screen.
  • Accuracy does not determine Magicians magic accuracy against Monsters. (It DOES effect the accuracy with normal hits from their weapon)

Ways to Modify your Accuracy

  • Stats: By adding AP to Dexterity or Luck.
    • Every point in DEX adds 1.2 Accuracy
    • Every point in LUK adds 1 Accuracy
  • Skills: By adding SP into appropriate skill. All skills listed are assuming that they are maxed out.
    • Weapon Mastery (Passive)
      • Only magicians do not possess weapon mastery. This is because the level of their magic skills determine mastery.
      • Only applies when wielding the weapon that the skill indicates.
      • Adds 60 accuracy at level 20. (Max Level)
    • Nimble Body (+20 Accuracy at Max) (Passive)
    • The Blessing of Amazon (+16 Accuracy) (Passive)
    • Focus (+20 Accuracy at Max) (Active)
    • Bless (+20 Accuracy at Max) (Active)
    • Bullet Time (+20 Accuracy at Max) (Passive)
  • Equipment that increases Dexterity/Accuracy/Luck
  • Scrolls
    • All "Dexterity"/"Accuracy"/"Luck" labeled scrolls increase your Accuracy.
  • Sniper Potions (+5 Accuracy)/Sniper Pills (+10 Accuracy)
  • Enemies: Certain enemies can Blind you, reducing your accuracy.