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Ability Points (or AP for short) allow a player to raise their base stats.

Gaining Ability Points

Assigning Ability Points

A player begins the game with 50 HP, 5 MP, and the other stats are 4 except for Strength. All of the other APs are auto-added into Strength until the player reaches level 11 or does his or her job advancement at level 8 or 10. The APs will be reset with some APs in certain stats. The APs will be

  • Level 11 Beginner: 4 STR, 4 INT, 4 LUK, 4 DEX with 50 extra APs
  • Level 10 Warrior: 35 STR, 4 INT, 4 LUK, 4 DEX with 19 extra APs
  • Level 10 Thief: 4 STR, 4 INT, 4 LUK, 25 DEX with 29 extra APs
  • Level 10 Bowman: 4 STR, 4 INT, 4 LUK, 25 DEX with 29 extra APs
  • Level 10 Pirate: 4 STR, 4 INT, 4 LUK, 20 DEX with 34 extra APs
  • Level 8 Magician: 4 STR, 20 INT, 4 LUK, 4 DEX with 24 extra APs


Just about all jobs have a certain way of adding AP to stats in order to maximize the overall ability of a character. Having even one point assigned to the wrong stat can severely hamper the progress of any character. Almost always, these point arrangements do not include adding to Max HP or MP. The exception is the HP Fighter or HP Page, who uses Power Guard to kill high level monsters by bumping into them. Once assigned, ability points cannot be taken off a stat unless transferred to another stat by buying an AP Reset from the Cash Shop.

Important note!

  • About 5 AP is one attack. so it you are to choose between a +1 ATT earring and a 7 All-Stats Earring, the 7 all-stats are better