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The guide on this page was created for an older and outdated version of Maplestory and is now inaccurate to the current gameplay and no longer deemed useful. Please do not edit or delete this article.

This is a short guide I've made about Ludi PQ. You should know the basics of PQs and everything...


  • Requires 6 people to complete each between Level 35 - 50
  • Given 60 mins to complete



Getting in

Get your leader to click on the red sign to enter the PQ.

Stage 1

Exp given: 2100

Congratulations! Your party has entered the PQ! This stage requires your party to kill the ratz and black ratz, which each drop a pass of dimension (needed throughout the pq). These ratz have more HP than normal ratz. You should have a total of 25 passes, after you have killed all the ratz. Give your passes to the leader, and he/she will click on the balloon. Have 1 or 2 of your party members to enter and wait until they signal you to go through

Tip: Have a Wizard or Cleric with Teleport help get some hard-to-reach passes.

Stage 2

Exp given: 2520

As soon as the member(s) have gone through, he/she/they should hit the box 2nd from the top. When the box is broken, all members who are in stage 2 will be moved to Towers Trap. This is when you tell the rest of the party to go. All you need to do is break the boxes and get the passes. While you are in Towers Trap, the other members should be doing stg 2. When everyone is finished, drop the passes (there should be 15 in total).

Tip: You can do Towers Trap and Stg 2 at the same time.

Stage 3

Exp given: 2940

Members of your party should either go up or down. In this stage the party needs to kill Bloctopus (they have more hp than normal). You also have to break the boxes to spawn more Bloctopusses. Each one killed will drop a pass. You should have a total of 32 passes.

Tip: Any mobbing skill (except heal) should be used at the bottom, as there are usually many Bloctopus which fall down.

Stage 4

Exp given: 3360

In this stage you will need to enter portals and kill the monster(s) inside. There are 7 portals, however the very top portal and the very bottom portal cannot be entered, making 5 portals. The top 3 are for mages or a warrior if there are not enough mages. This is because the monsters in the top 3 portals are weak to M.att and strong against Weapon Attack. The 2 portals below are for non-mages. They are weak to Weapon Attack but strong against Magic Attack. The 2nd portal closest to the bottom contains 2 monsters. You should have a total of 6 passes.

Tip: Mark the Portal(s) you enter by dropping some gold or other etc. items that you don't need.

Stage 5

Exp given: 3770

Unlike Stage 4, a Thief with Dark Sight and a wizard/cleric with Teleport is ESSENTIAL!!!!! The thief should take the most bottom portal, below the King Block Golems(they do 8000 damage =0) and the magicians should do the portal at the very top. There are a total of 6 portals. The other portals should be done by other people. Each portal should have 4 boxes, when broken, will drop 4 passes.There should be a total of 24 passes.

Tip: Mark the Portal(s) you enter. Also some Haste may be useful when you are in one of the common-portals for better jumping distance.

Stage 6

This stage is fairly short, as the party needs to press the up button while they are on numbered boxes to teleport upwards. The code is 133 221 333 123 111. They are in groups of 3s because they are easy to remember. If you press up on the wrong box, you will be teleported down to the bottom.

Tip: Haste, Teleport and the beginner skill Nimble Feet cannot be used in this stage.

Stage 7

An Assassin, Crossbowman or Hunter with maxed Keen Eyes or The Eye of Amazon should go up and kill the monsters. Each monster killed will summon a Rombot, which will then summon Block Golems. There are a total of 3 Rombots, and each one will drop you a pass. Get your Cleric to spam Heal.

Tip: Kill the monsters one at a time to summon one Rombots at a time to make things easier.

Stage 8

Exp given: 5040

Like on the Kerning PQ, this stage requires you to work out a combination, like cracking a pin. There are 9 boxes, some stacked on top of others. Some might be hard to reach, but not that hard.There is a total of 126 possible combinatons ((9x8x7x6x5)/(5x4x3x2x1)=126). It can take a while but please be patient. Correct your party members if they go on a wrong box. The leader can take someone's place if there are 5 people doing this stage.It shouldn't take more than 15 mins.

Tip: Be Patient. Here are the 51 combinations:

12345, 12346, 12347, 12348, 12349, 12356, 12357, 12358, 12359, 12367, 12368, 12369, 12378,
12379, 12389, 12456, 12457, 12458, 12459, 12567, 12568, 12569, 12678, 12679, 12789, 13456,
13457, 13458, 13459, 13467, 13468, 13469, 13478, 13479, 13489, 13567, 13568, 13569, 13578,
13579, 13589, 14567, 14568, 14569, 14578, 14579, 14589, 15678, 15679, 15689, 16789.

A Crack on the Wall

Exp given: 5950

This is the boss stage of Ludi PQ. Be sure to cast all party skills/supportive skills before you summon the boss. Magicians must have Magic Guard on all the time. Alishar can seal, weaken, cast a magic attack that deals around 500 damage, Summon Chronos, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos. It has more than 100k hp. Lower levels will usually miss it. It will summon the 3 Chronos depending on how much hp he has left. When he curses you, use All Cure Potions to get rid of the curse(s) and keep fighting. The Cleric should spam heal. Alishar will eventually die and drop Key of Dimension. Give the keys to the NPC.

Bonus Stage

This stage is filled with boxes, each containing lots of mesos, pots and equips. You have one minute to break as many boxes as you can and picking up the items/mesos. Sometimes juices, watermelon, ice cream pop, ice cream sundae, elixir, power elixir, dews may be found, as well as some napoleons and earrings.

Tip: If you want to rush, skip this stage. If you are in Bonus and 10 secs have passed, another party doing the pq may enter.

Determine to Adventure

This stage is where you receive your reward. Make sure you have an empty slot in your Equip, Usable items and ETC. Then talk to arturo and he will give you a reward. You will then end up in Eos Tower 101st floor.


And many more........

Thank you for reading this guide.
Copyright Yxin777 2008