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This is a Guide to a new kind of Bandit - one with high Accuracy and Avoid.

[About Yuki]

When i first started my bandit, i didnt know what to do. I took advice from other bandits. I came across one guy who told me everything. Then i started my bandit. i decided that i should have high DEX to see what happens. This is a guide for people who want a different kind of bandit.

Stage 1: Starting

A thieves' gotta know his basics.

Creating You Character

First of all, when i made my bandit, i knew that all i needed was a low STR and INT. Like other guides, they tell you that you need low STR and INT, and thats true. But what i did was aim for high DEX.

This is what you should try aiming for.

When you reach 10, you should have at least 25 DEX. The rest should be on LUK.