Your First Bandit

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This guide will show you how to make a successful Bandit. Results may vary. This guide is still under construction, so please bare with me until it is finished.

The Stats

First of all, you should create of character of course, you have to roll the dice, until you get somewhere near 4 or 5 LUK and DEX. Since LUK are the heart of the thieves' damage, you'll need plenty of it. The DEX, gives you opportunity to wear certain armor that requires DEX. INT is pretty much useless since, INT help support magic attacks. Most or all of the Bandit skills, consist of using physical damage. STR isn't needed unless you are a STR Bandit. This link explains it perfectly, Bandit Guide, created by GamePhreak.

Maple Island

Maple Island was fairly rough for me. I will teach you some things I learned about Maple Island, how I trained and some quests you should do.

Levels 1-2

You should go through the Maple Training Camp for some good experiance. If you don't want to that's fine. In the training camp, when you are first spawned, you should jump on the moving platform and hold left to proceed on at a more decent speed. At the next map you should talk to Sam, for some 3 Red and Blue Potions, and +3 Experiance. After that, proceed to the right and there should be another quest waiting. It'll require you to know what Sen wants to eat. Go speak to Sen and then go back and talk with Nina. You'll gain some experiance. Alas, the last quest in the training camp, "Todd's How to Hunt Quest". It requires you to gather one item from each monster, a Leatty and a Drum Bunny. Have nothing to fear, the monsters' damage and health points have been greatly lowered and/or reduced to none. After requiring 1 Leatty Furball and 1 Toy Drum, you should talk to him for +10 Experiance. After that, you should at least be Level 2 now. Exit the training camp to move on to, Snail Hunting Ground I.

Levels 3-6

From here on out, you are able to kill Snails, Blue Snails, Shrooms and Red Snails. When you enter Snail Hunting Ground I, you should talk to Sam, to retrieve a couple of quests. I suggest you do Sam's Suggestion. It requires you to kill 10 Snails. After doing so, you should had gained alot of experiance. As you move along to A Split Road you should kill things along the way to get some more experiance. After reaching A Split Road, a quest should arrive, also known as the lightbulb! Double click the lightbulb and Maria should appear in a chatbox. Accept the quest and complete it, by pressing W/opening the world map.