Yeti & Pepe

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"Seen every once in a while at around snowfield far from El Nath of Ossyria. It's that of Pepe riding on top of Yeti, but it's much faster than that of a regular Yeti. Its ground-pounding attack is also much more potent. But then again, since it lives in snow, it's still weak against fire attacks while strong against ice. Also, just like Yeti, jump right before impact to avoid the ground-pounding attack. When its HP reaches 0, Yeti and Pepe get separated, so be aware of that."


  • Level: 78
  • HP: 20,000
  • MP: 100
  • Experience: (Yeti): 437 (Pepe): 525
  • Knock Back: 2,500
  • Speed: -20


  • Weapon Attack: 380
  • Magic Attack: 400
  • Accuracy: 130


  • Weapon Defense: 600
  • Magic Defense: 450
  • Avoidability: 30



Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Pirate All
Holy Spear
Silver Planet
Mithril Buckler
Orange Calas (M)
Red Requiem (M)
Red Pennance
Pink Goldrunners
Green Goldrunners
Brown Requiem (M)
Dark Enigmatic (M)
Dark Pilfer
Deadly Fin
Bronze Gigantic
Bronze Pow
Blue Goni Shoes
Beige Elf Shoes
Dark Garner

White Gaia Cape


Use Etc. Ores Mesos
Mana Elixir
Steely Throwing-Knives
10% Scroll for Cape for DEX
10% Scroll for Cape for LUK
60% Scroll for Two-Handed Axe for Attack
10% Scroll for Claw for Attack
Pepe's Beak
Yeti's Horn
Steel Ore
Orihalcon Ore
Sapphire Ore
Black Crystal Ore
Power Crystal Ore
DEX Crystal Ore