Wooden Mask

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  • Level: 23
  • HP: 500
  • MP: 0
  • Experience: 42
  • Knock Back: 1
  • Speed: -30


  • Weapon Attack: 85
  • Magic Attack: 0
  • Accuracy: 55


  • Weapon Defense: 30
  • Magic Defense: 40
  • Avoidability: 10

Common Location

Pre Big Bang

Post Big Bang


Equipment: Warrior Equipment: Magician Equipment: Thief Equipment: Bowman Equipment: Pirate Equipment: Common Useable Etc. Mesos
Brown High Boots
Gold War Boots
Orihalcon Missel
Mithril Viking Helm
Black Split (F)
Blue Split Piece (M)
White Split Pants (M)
Ocean Mesana
Green Loosecap
Black Lappy Boots
Silver Sylvia
Brown Robin Hat

60% Scroll for Cape for INT
60% Scroll for Shield for Defense
Wizard Potion
Arrow for Bow
Wooden Board
Bronze Ore