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Fairy Tale Fairy Crackers

Witch Tower is an area that is available through an event. Currently it is known that MapleSEA have released this map, which is available from 21 October 2009 to 17 November 2009. This place features jumping quests. Players can choose different difficulty of the jumping quest, namely, Easy, Normal and Hard. One can access the area by talking to the NPC Fairy Tale Fairy Crackers, located in various towns.


Witch Tower, notice the chocolate flowing from the bottom.

The goal is to reach to the top of the tower, which players must walk through two maps and a final map. All three difficulty levels have three maps. The first is a vertical map, where players must reach to the top. The second is a horizontal map, where player must jump to the right. In the final map, there is a NPC Gingerman and a boss Targa.

Inside the Witch Tower, there are springs which allow players to jump high up to reach the top platform. There are rollers, like the ones in Ludibrium, which will boost the player's walking speed upon walking it. There are two rollers with different speed. All the rollers in Easy and Normal mode are the same. In Hard mode, some rollers is faster than the others, so players will walk faster when they step on it.

Time will clock as soon as the players enter the map. Also, there is a hot chocolate flowing from the bottom of the map, and you must not touch it, or else you will be teleport out to the entrance. So, you must be quick to reach to the top.

Pink Bean Key

There are 10 Pink Bean Keys on the map, where players can take it and can get more experience. It doesn't mean that players must take it in order to complete the quest, if players can get more keys, the players will received more experiences at the end.

When players have completed the first two maps, players can face the boss monster, Targa. The damage you received from Targa depends on your level. If your level is high, the damage taken will be high, and vice versa. Targa will drop items such as potions.

When you completed the first two maps, you will be rewarded experiences. The amount of experiences you receive depends on the following factors:

  • The difficulty you choose - Choosing 'Hard' mode will receive more experiences.
  • The amount of Pink Bean Key you collected. - The more keys you have, the more experiences you will get.
  • The amount of time taken - The faster you complete, the more experiences you will get.

Easy Mode


In Easy Mode, everything is straightforward. It is recommended to try this map first before trying the other difficulty. If you accidentally fall down, there will be springs below, which allow you to jump up to the platform. Taking the keys is also easier. However, when players is fighting the monster at the final map, Targa may not drop potions. Players cannot do the quests from Gingerman in Easy Mode. You have 3 minutes to complete the first two map.

Normal Mode

In Normal Mode, it will be a little bit tougher than the Easy Mode. The first map is easy, but the second map will be quite hard. You have 3 minutes to complete this stage. Anyway, if you reach the final map, Targa will drop the potions more often than in Easy Mode. Players can also received Granada from Gingerman and drop the Granada at the witch box to unlock the box. See more about the witch box below.


Hard Mode

As name says, it is really difficult. Players have to use springs to reach to the top of the map cleverly, instead of ropes. There are also flying stars. However, the hot chocolate flowing from below will be much slower, and the time to complete the first two map is 9 minute and 20 seconds, which give players enough time to complete. The rollers are must faster, and players must react fast to continue. On the second map, not only the chocolate will flow up, the walls on the left will move closer to you. So you have to act fast.

Final Stage


Targa's Drops

At the end of each round, you get to fight Targa. Don't worry, this Targa has lesser health than the real Targa. After you have defeated it, it will drops potions and sometime scrolls. Here is the list of its drops.





Granada is an item to unlock the Witch's chest in the final map of either Normal or Hard mode. You must complete the Normal or Hard mode once per day to receive it. To receive it, talk to the NPC Gingerman to obtain it. Then drop it in front of the witch box. You need to have 5 Granadas to unlock the box. So, you must complete the jumping quests for at least 5 days to get the Granada. Granada must be dropped in front of the Witch's chest. If you leave the map with the Granada, you will lost the item and have to get the Granada at the other day.

Witch's Chest

Witch's Chest

If you have use 5 Granadas already on the witch's chest, a Pink Bean Hat will drop out from the chest. This Pink Bean Hat allows you to access the top portal of the entrance of the Witch Tower.

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Availability of Witch Tower
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  • This map could be first released in MapleSEA, because there is a Targa monster at the end, which is a monster found in Malaysia, exclusively to MapleSEA.