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Windia is the the fourth server for MapleGlobal. It was released in December 20, 2005. The release of Windia coincided with the release of pets. As of July 2010, the server has a population greater than Broa. Thus making it the third largest server on GMS . It is the first world released in GMS with a emblem that represents a shape instead a letter.

Windia as a server is usually stable. The server does suffer from some guild drama, and has several high-level "pros" that claim to "own" the server. Otherwise, Windia is a great channel for new players, at it has a well established economy, and in pretty much all aspects, is a slightly less friendly Broa. As with Broa and Mardia, the Henesys social-scene of NX users can be seen as a turn off for some.

The Islander population of Windia is pretty scarce, as is the permanent Beginner class.

Top 5 Players in Windia

Each world has a top five ranking. The top five players for Windia are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP
1 xAshtonxx Magician 200 0
2 CrowdRocker Magician 200 0
3 Mollypop Magician 200 0
4 krystara Magician 200 0
5 zahur9 Warrior 200 0

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