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"A monster with lots of contending rumors such as the one that claims that the Wild Cargo was once the pet cat of the ancient devil Balrog and the rumor that it was a cat that was left behind by some adventurer while exploring a dungeon. The only that has been confirmed was by one very courageous scholar who went around to get to the truth of this supposed cat and discovered that the Wild Cargo is in fact a reptile, not a cat. Its eyes, however, look so much like a cat's that everyone agrees that more research is required to get the truth of this monster. It is one of the most powerful monster that one will meet in Sleepywood."

"Wild legends abound about this mysterious monster. Apparently, it was either a faithful pet of Balrog, the devil of ancient times, or a cursed cat that was abandoned by a traveler around the Dungeon, or something else totally out there. Whatever the legend is, the only thing that is true about this monster is that Wild Cargo is one of the stronger monsters found deep within the dungeon."

A monster that may be a relative of the Drake species.


  • Level: 62
  • HP: 5,500
  • MP: 100
  • Experience: 240
  • Knock Back: 1,500
  • Speed: 30


  • Weapon Attack: 210
  • Magic Attack: 0
  • Accuracy: 80


  • Weapon Defense: 180
  • Magic Defense: 130
  • Avoidability: 20

Common location


Use Etc. Mesos
Golden Mole
Steel Nordic Helm
Red Shouldermail (F)
Red Shouldermail Pants (F)
Dark Clench
Orihalcon Camel Boots
Blue Carzen Boots
Dark Golden Circlet
Pink Goldwind Shoes
Orange Calas (M)
Red Anakarune (F)
Brown Requierre (F)
Blue China (M)
Blue China Pants (M)
Blood Gigantic
Red Mystique (F)
Red Mystique Pants (F)
Red Tai (M)
Sephia Garner
Blue Eyes
Black Bisque 60% Scroll for Wand for Magic Attack
10% Scroll for Earring for LUK
100% Scroll for Gloves for HP
60% Scroll for One-Handed Blunt Weapon for Accuracy
10% Scroll for Knuckle for Accuracy
Mana Elixir
Chaos Scroll 60%
Wild Cargo's Eye
Black Crystal Ore
Magic Powder (Purple)
Staff Production Stimulator
Bow Production Stimulator
Knuckle Production Catalyst
Wild Cargo Card
Wild Kargo's Spirit Rock
Tobi Throwing-Stars