White Angelic Blessing

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White Angelic Blessing
Image of the White Angelic Blessing ring.
Type Ring
Class Common
Level 90
STR +10
DEX +10
INT +10
LUK +10
Max HP +150
Max MP +150
Trait EXP +80 Charm EXP
+80 Willpower EXP
+80 Ambition EXP

The effects for the White Angelic Blessing.

NPC Price

  • Unknown


  • When you equip this ring, you'll be able to summon Archangel.

Special Effects

  • An angel will appear near the player. The angel will present a buff of 12 Weapon Attack/Magic Attack. It will rebuff once it runs out and it cannot be dispelled.


  • Cannot be traded once equipped. (Platinum Scissors of Karma can be used)