Von Leon (Boss)

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Von Leon is the king of El Nath, and a servant of the Black Mage. He initially rejected the Black Mage and refused to join him. However, on the night the Cygnus Knights marched into El Nath, Von Leon's wife was murdered, and the Knights' crest was found on her body. Assuming that the Cygnus Knights murdered her, the king then decided to join the Black Mage in order to seek vengeance.

He is the final boss of a party quest for players above level 120.


  • Level: 129
  • HP: 550.000.000
  • MP: 1.500.000
  • Exp: 884.000
  • Knockback: 99.999.999
  • Speed: -40


  • Weapon attack: 5000
  • Magic Attack: 2500
  • Accuracy: 225


  • Weapon defense: 0
  • Magic defense: 0
  • Avoidability: 144