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Species Human
Service None
Continent Edelstein
Town Edelstein
Area Suspicious Laboratory
The male version of Vita for female players.
This is how Vita looks when you first meet him/her.


One of the experiment subjects of Schiller and Gelimer. Vita was brought in by the player and was made an honorary Resistance member.

Common Location


  • Depending on the players gender, they will notice slight changes to Vita's gender. If they are male, Vita will be female. If they are female, Vita will be male.
  • SPOILER WARNING!: Recent Alliance Unbound quests for Resistance players reveals that Vita is accused for spying on the Resistance and jailed.
    • The last of the quests lets you meet with Vita one last time. She tells you that she has been rigged with a bomb by Gelimer. After a tearful conversation, Vita is ultimately destroyed by Gelimer, leaving you and the team safe.