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Level 0: Mark of the beta (hat) All stats +1  
Level 0: Mark of the beta (hat) All stats +1 (Almost IMPOSSIBLE to Get anymore due to fact that no one sells it.)
Level 0: Newspaper hat, HP +20 (don't know where to get, but saw someone wearing it)  
Level 0: Newspaper hat, HP +20 (don't know where to get, but saw someone wearing it)  

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Luckless mages are like normal mages but they do not have luck. This means it cannot have normal mage equips and it looses more exp when dead, and it has less Def. But that's a very small price to pay for more damage, and therefore faster levelling.

It is said that at level 70 or so Luckless and normal even up due to the INT bonus in equips. The thing is, level 70 is a very long way, and when luckless and normal do even up or when normal starts beating luckless you can always just add LUK. And also, (I don't know whether this is true or not), I read somewhere that Cursed scrolls will make luckless mages not even up at level 70 or so. (But I don't know how, since Hidden Street says cursed scrolls have the same stats as others but just have different success rates and destroy rates.) Cursed scrolls are normal 30% scrolls and 70% scrolls but when they fail, there is a 50% chance of destroying the item.

Some people say that a luckless cleric is a waste because the aim of a cleric is not to be strong; it is about partying and healing others. But I don't think it would be a waste, because to me, being a cleric is also about doing more damage and so on in addition to partying. Mages become the worst class in 3rd job, except for Priests, the upgraded cleric. So maybe actually in 3rd job priest will actually be stronger? I don't know whether that's true, just an idea.

So unless you play Maple Story to look like a mage, I suggest you become a luckless mage.

I have a level 36 Luckless Mage named HolyLUKless. I made it a cleric. I have a level 32 Cleric too, which is now my mule, and a jumble of other random characters, some deleted, some from the beta.

Some of my information could possibly be incorrect. Although I will try to get correct info, everyone makes mistakes.





Level 0: Mark of the beta (hat) All stats +1 (Almost IMPOSSIBLE to Get anymore due to fact that no one sells it.)

Level 0: Newspaper hat, HP +20 (don't know where to get, but saw someone wearing it)

Level 0:White/Red/Blue Maple Bandanna (hat) All stats +1/2/3,

Level 5: Headband (hat) W.Def 5,

Level 8: Swimming Cap (hat) W.Def 7

Level 10: Bandanna (hat) W.Def 8

Level 15: Metal Gear (hat) W.Def 10,

Level 15: Yellow/Blue Metal Gear, W.Def 12

Level 25: Red/Yelow/Blue Starry Bandanna W.Def 18

Level 25: Red Pig Headband, W.def 12, HP +50

Level 35: Chief Stan Hat! W.Def 27 (Quest)

Level 42: Bone Helm, Jump + 5, SPEED + 8!! (obtain from a level 40 quest).


Level 5: Stolen Fence W.Def 5

Level 10: Pan Lid, W.Def 10 (hundreds of thousands more mesos for just + 5 Def)

Level 10: Maple Shield (Stats currently unknown)


Level 11: Gomushin, W.def 4, Speed +2

Level 16, Aroa Shoes, W.def 7

Level 26: White Bottom Shoes, W.Def 13, Speed +3.

Level 31: White, Blue, Red Sneakers from Henesys


Level 0: Grey T-Shirt

Level 0: White T-Shirt

Level 11: Blue One-lined T-Shirt, W.Def 11

Level 11: Orange Spotty T-Shirt, W.Def 11


Level 11: Grey Sweat Pants, W.Def 9

Level 26: Camo Pants, W.Def 19, HP +5


Level 20: Bathrobe for Men/ Women, W.Def 20, Speed + 10 [Not available in MapleGlobal)

Level 30: Sauna Robe (overall) W.Def 10, Avoidability + 10.

Comment: It would be better not to get Sauna Robe, since it is more expensive to scroll, plus has less slots that Top + bottom, and the quest is time consuming, and if you don't like your scrolled robe you can't go back unlike Top and Bottom where you can just buy another one or hunt another one. After reading what someone had posted, perhaps it would be better to get the sauna robe, since there are no INT scrolls for Topwear and bottomwear.


Level 10: Work Glove, W.Def 2

Level 15: Lemona

Level 25: Ocean Mesana


Level 8: Wooden Wand, W.Atk 15, M.Atk 23,

Level 0: Pumpkin Basket (2006 SE)!! I'm not kidding! All Stats +1 AND HP +10 AND Speed +10!!! It sacrifices a bit of M.Atk, but it makes you have more hp and speed! Only a BIT of M.Atk, at least at lvl 30. Keep a wooden wand for really strong monsters

Level 35: Maple Staff, M.Atk 48

Level 40: Yellow Umbrella (weapon) W.Atk 54, M.Atk 52

Level 43: Lama Staff W.Atk 39 M.Atk 58

Level 43: Beige Umbrella, Req. Str 5, Luk 5, Dex 5, W.Atk 60 M.Atk 60.

         Also, normal mage weapons if you scrolled for luk.

Equipment Build

I suggest you follow this path for equipment:

This is just my opinion.

After you get to Victoria Island, go to Ellinia to become magician and by the wand. Try to save up for Stolen Fence (lith harbour). Skip Swimming Cap because it's only + 2 def and it doesn't look cool, and get White bandanna at level 10. Don't bother about Yellow work gloves and pan lid because they cost way too much. At 11 buy yourself a Smelly Gomushin from Kerning. Dont buy your 11 shirt and pants, hunt for them. At 15 get your metal gear and upgrade if you want (upgrade not recommended). At 16 get your Ice Jeans, they look cool, and the Aroa shoes are a waste to buy because it’s only 3 def and it doesn't have the speed bonus. If you find them you can switch between Gomushin and Aroa shoe but don't buy it. Get the stuff above if you can, not going in detail anymore.

However, if you are funded then you can buy the entire list if you want. (I wouldn't, even though I'm a little funded)

Training (Quests included) PS Oh Damn, I didn’t update the quests as I was going, now I have to go back and do them all.

Levels 1-8: Tough Time. Green and Blue Snails ONLY. Do all Quests except for ones involving Red snail and Orange Mush (not worth it).

Levels 8-(like 17 or 18) Do things you can kill in 1-2 hits or the ones that you need equips from. After you can kill Slimes in 2 hits train on them in slime tree only, because they have high respawn rate.

Levels 17-20: You can train on Pigs and Orange Mushrooms. 17-18 or + you can still train on slimes. However, try Green and Horny Mushrooms to see if they're OK, I'm not sure about that.

Levels 21-30: Kerning City PQ. Train while waiting (Use return scrolls to get back quick). I recommend you to become a cleric after level 30, but it's your choice.

Levels 30-35: Jr, Ice and Fire Sentinel for the Tower Scroll quest, which is not extremely good exp but you get 3500 for the quest and 300k worth of scrolls per day. Cicle, Cico and krappi in Aqua road, Wild boars, zombie mushroom, crows, killa bee, evil eye, Boomer party if it gives you good exp, Mask fish in Aqua, Jr Cellion, grupin and lioner, Sakura Cellion in Amoria if you want lots of money. For clerics, I think at level 35 with 15 heal you should be able to kill Zombie Mushrooms with heal faster than magic claw, so train on them. You can work out which monsters that have the best hit:exp ratio, so train on those.

Levels 35-50: I’m not here yet, but I can tell you what I'm planning to do. I'm going to Ludi PQ, especially since my friend said clerics were in demand there. I’m level 36 now, and I get over 25% per full pq. I’m training here all the way, and it seems easy to get into a party.

I'll add more later. Probably when my character goes to a higher level.

Skills and Stats

Stats: Try to get 11, 12, or 13 INT when you start. Put everything on INT when you level.

Skills: Same as a normal mage, that is:

1. Put one point in energy bolt

2. Raise MP Recovery to 5

3. Max MP Increase

4. Finish MP Recovery or if you're funded put some in Magic Claw.

5. Max Magic Claw, Magic Guard and MP recovery.

Or, if you need it in a Level 8:, Level 9: format:

Level 8: 1 Energy bolt

9: 3 MP Recovery

10: 2 Mp Recovery, 1 Mp increase

11: 3 Mp Increase

12: 3 Mp Increase

13: 3 Mp Increase (maxed)

Now, you have 2 options:

Common Not very funded path:

14: 3 MP recovery

15: 3 MP recovery

16: 3 Mp Recovery

17: 2 Mp Recovery (maxed), 1 Magic Claw

18: 3 Magic Claw

19: 3 Magic Claw

20: 3 Magic Claw

21: 3 Magic Claw

22: 3 Magic Claw

23: 3 Magic Claw

24: 1 Magic Claw (maxed), 2 Magic Guard

25: 3 Magic Guard

26: 3 Magic Guard

27: 3 Magic Guard

28: 3 Magic Guard

29: 3 Magic Guard

30: 3 Magic Guard

Funded Path:

14: 3 Magic Claw

15: 3 Magic Claw

16: 3 Magic Claw

17: 3 Magic Claw

18: 3 Magic Claw

19: 3 Magic Claw

20: 2 Magic Claw (maxed), 1 Mp Recovery

21: 3 MP recovery

22: 3 MP recovery

23: 3 MP recovery

24: 1 Mp Recovery (maxed), 2 Magic Guard

25: 3 Magic Guard

26: 3 Magic Guard

27: 3 Magic Guard

28: 3 Magic Guard

29: 3 Magic Guard

30: 3 Magic Guard

2nd Job Skills

I'm not an expert on these, so it would be best if you went to some other guides, like greenstriker's cleric guide for example. Anyway, what I did is to put 1 in teleport and then max heal. I don’t know about the other classes sorry.

I'm going to give you the heal damage on zombie mushes for those clerics out there:

Level 3 Heal: Uncountable numbers of hits

Level 6 Heal: Uncountable numbers of hits

Level 9 Heal: 6-9 hits

Level 12 Heal: To be confirmed (3-4 hits one day, but later I found 6 hits) Seems to be around

6 hits or less.

Level 15 Heal: Can’t remember, seemed to be around the same as 12 Heal

Level 18 Heal: Don’t know yet, haven’t tested

Level 21+ Heal: To be Announced.

Beginner Skills: Max Nimble Feet, You can do what you like with the rest because it doesn't really matter. The snail thing cost too much MP to be used. But get it to 1 or 2 at least for beginner help. Some say Recovery is useless because you can recover more using The Relaxer.

More Updates to come!

Thanks to:

Blade Oracle









For giving advice.