VIP Ticket to Florina Beach

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Level Requirement: 30

Description of Part 1

  1. Talk to Kevin the Soldier at Omega Sector.
  2. Collect 25 Mateon's Tentacles.
  3. Collect 1 Ripped Travel Ticket 1. This will be dropped by a Mateon.
  4. Talk to him again.

Rewards for Part 1

Description of Part 2

  1. Take the two ripped travel tickets and talk to Nara the Tour Guide. She is in Ludibrium.
  2. She will tell you to go to the next step.
  3. Talk to Shuri the Tour Guide at Orbis.

Rewards for Part 2

Description of Part 3

  1. Talk to Shuri the Tour Guide at Orbis.
  2. Collect 50 Star Pixie's Starpieces
  3. Collect 30 Lunar Pixie's Moonpieces
  4. Collect 3 Diamonds
  5. Talk to Shuri the Tour Guide again

Rewards for Part 3

  • VIP ticket to Florina Beach


  • The VIP ticket will permanently be in your inventory, unless you intentionally drop it. It allows you to travel free to Florina Beach.