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For a warrior, Dexless is considered Really, really, really, low dex. As stated. -iEpic

Unfortunately, that is not true.
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About my guide, sure like like 80-90% (my opinion thats an exaggeration) is from the rest of the wiki, but thats with most stuff really. I compile my own research from experience and stuff i haven't experienced from other guides. Finally to make sure my reader doesn't have to go around all over the wiki searching for skill progression I compile exact information from other things. A guide is all about opinion and convenience, and about me being "decked with HW" look at my last major non-copy and paste edits, long time ago. I skipped a grade in math after summer so I didn't have to work after that. Anyways, you try writing a huge research project... I spent a while on maplewiki and basil compiling opinions and on MS confirming them... I know you were just suggesting but do a little research before you say stuff like that. Yao12310 02:33, 31 January 2010 (UTC)