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I'm rei, you should definitely look me up on denkouMeji, I'm usually on her. i play weekends mostly, and can usually find me on victoria island if you need a helping hand in Bellocan, if u wanna see me in Mardia all you have to do is whisper me, I'll log off anywhere from 2-30 depending on what I'm doing at the time, and hang out with you there. i do enjoy leveling. i hate narutards, but i like the Japanese version of the show. I'm big on anime, so are my parents, and everyone else in my family. i live in USA, MA and so my time is eastern pacific, please plan your time around that. I'd really like it if you contacted me with some ideas on the party bandit. i'm having some trouble continuing it because of the fact that i am no longer a bandit, really.

i hope to have some pictures of denkou up here eventually that would be nice, but if it doesn't happened, I'm not bummed.

this is a link to my "My Talk": [[1]]

I PLAY IN MARDIA AND BELLOCAN (mostly Bellocan now)

Mardia Character

AuskaChan LVL 45 bandit INACTIVE

Bellican Characters

DenkouMeji LVL 85 lightning/ice ACTIVE

xDenkou LVL 18 Bowman INCATIVE

Reiikari LVL 30 page SUPER INACTIVE

AkihikoSan LVL 42 Bandit INACTIVE