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I'm not sure why I'm doing this... Maybe I love contributing to a wiki. Maybe I love MapleStory more than I really know and this is one of the ways I express that love. Perhaps I'm just a terrible procrastinator who finds this more interesting than shool....Yeah, that last one sounds about right.


All my characters are on the Khaini Server. This includes:

  • Tralfamadore, my level 31 Lightning/Ice Mage and primary account. Very active.
  • Kendoshin, my failed first magician, level 22 Mage and mule for my friends and I. Not very active.
  • And CustomEX, my first Bowman. Level 15. Above average in activity. Just thought an archer would be neat.

Uhh.....I could put interests here, but I don't care that much to put them down...Oh, here's my deviant art account (everyone has to have one, apparently)