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Job : Ice/Lightning Wizard

Home World : Scania

Favored Attack : Cold Beam

Likes : Party Quests, Mesos, Making Friends, Mesos, Killing Things, Mesos, and Mesos

Dislikes : Sins, Dragon Knights, n00bs, hackers, and KS Wars

Favorite Quote : "I don't take sides, but I like to get paid"

A Bit About Me : Hi there, I'm Soren13. I joined with hopes to add a few things I know, and get a lot of infomation I don't know. Articles I create may be a bit random, but every site deserves a bit of humor, doenst it? Most edits I'll make are just a bit of side notes. To the moderators on the site; if I make a bad edit or add an "opinionated" side note; I'm sorry in advance.