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Once I learn about templates, these will disappear-

Maplestory Version: MapleSEA, currently V1.08.1
Main Account: Evan, level 70+
Stuff that I hope to contribute: Cleanup, Pictures and... guess that's about it.

To do list:

  • Find something to do
  • Get something done

Note: Previous edits go down, newer edits appear at the top.

Other Stuff

Don't you think it'll be great if all the towns in Continental Ossyria were connected? Like:

El Nath to Mu Lung:
Ice Ravine: Entrance <--> Ice Ravine: Cool Draft 1 <--> Ice Ravine: Cool Draft 2 <--> Ice Ravine: Sharp Drop <--> Crystal Cave: Mineral Rocks 3 <--> Crystal Cave: Mineral Rocks 2 <--> Crystal Cave: Mineral Rocks 1 <--> Mu Lung: Crystal Cave Entrance <--> Mu Lung: Territory of Wandering Bear

Mu Lung to Magatia:
Mu Lung: Peach Farm 2 <--> Mu Lung: Waild Peach Forest 1 <--> Mu Lung: Wild Peach Forest 2 <--> Mu Lung: Thorned Road 1 <--> Mu Lung: Thorned Road 2 <--> Mu Lung: Thorned Road 3 <--> Mu Lung: Thorned Road 4 <--> Sunset Road: Garnet Sky 2 <--> Sunset Road: Garnet Sky 1 <--> Sunset Road: Outskirts of Magaita <--> Sunset Road: Magatia

Ariant to Leafre:
The Burning Sands: White Rock Desert <--> Sunrise Road: Warm Sand 3 <--> Sunrise Road: Warm Sand 2 <--> Sunrise Road: Warm Sand 1 <--> Sunrise Road: Sandy Path 2 <--> Sunrise Road: Sandy Path 1 <--> Forest Trail: Cracked Mud <--> Forest Trail: Stairway to the Sky 1 <--> Forest Trail: Stairway to the Sky 2 <--> Sky Forest: River of Life <--> Leafre: Banks of the River <--> Leafre: Leafre

It's a bit long, but it beats waiting around for a ship that comes every 10 minutes.


Name Class Level World Currently Status
DMKai Evan
Mount: Mir, Stage 1
118 Bootes Gotta reach level 125, I really want that Onyx Dragon Glasses! Active