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My Characters

All my characters are on GMS Windia.

Name Class Level Remarks
AruniaServal Evan 93 Main Character
KaraFoxe Dual Blade 42 Not used much
MayaShuya Aran 78 Second Most Used
KyoBlaizFoxe Night Walker 51 Third Most Used
KimmiLopunny Battle Mage 50 Not used much
SerenityFang Wild Hunter 40 Rarely used
SierraGrey Blaze Wizard 42 Played when I'm bored
ScottKitsune Spearman 36 Will be playing more often soon
EclipseAbsol Cleric 43 When my mate is on

Some Goals

  • Have 60+Million Mesos at one time
  • Reach Level 70 on my Aran | done
  • Reach Level 100 on my Evan
  • Reach Level 120 on my Evan
  • Buy the lv120 Evan Mount
  • Reach Level 70 on my Spearman
  • Get my Dual Blade past Level 55
  • Make a Cleric and get past Level 70 on it | 1/2 done
  • Get Jaira on my Wild Hunter
  • Get a few sets of Ilbies or stronger on my Night Walker
  • Get at least 10 members in my guild | done
  • Get at least 20 members in my guild

Other things about me

  • The Evan is my favorite character class, followed by the Aran and Night Walker
  • I have a BasilMarket account as well that I check every so often
  • I own a furry guild that is looking for members
  • I always enjoy making new friends. (I've expanded up to 60 max bl slots on my main)

Character Pics


Most recent pic of Arunia, being at Level 92.


I was so happy when I payed the 30mil to get my second Evan mount. Arunia80Mount.jpg


Most recent pic of Maya, being at Level 67 with the new Chryse Savior medal. MayaShuya.jpg

Here are the stats on the 2nd Guest Polearm on Maya. MayaShuyaGuestPolearm.jpg

A pic I took for fun on my first trip up to Chryse. MayaShuyaWings.jpg


Most recent pic of Kyo, being at Level 51 after just getting the Mimiana mount. KyoBlaizFoxe.jpg

An invisible platform leftover from Dewey's trucks. InvisibleTruckShenanigans.jpg

Another invisible platform from Dewey's trucks. I think this one has already been fixed and removed. InvisibleTruckShenanigans2.jpg


Most recent pic of Scott, although the level may be inaccurate. ScottKitsune.jpg


Most recent pic of Kimmi, although the level is off by about eight or nine levels. KimmiLopunny.jpg


Most recent pic of Serenity, being at Level 40. I'm over on the right on the tan Jaguar and wearing a fancy green hat. To explain the cluster of people in this random tree, there was a GM in the room at the time, and I had been stalking some friends on my buddy list. I entered the tree to find this chaos. SerenityFang.jpg