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Omicron's Story

This was my first Warrior made in MapleGlobal, and also the first character. (Excluding some unused messed up chars in Broa, Scania, and Bera, which are too weak to be listed in my character list, etc.) He was made in Windia.

At the time that I made him, I was basicaly a newb, and I had no idea about any specific way that I had to add my Ability Points, or in time, Skill Points. I turned out neglecting his DEX and focusing most of my AP on STR and HP. I even messed up my skills, although he did go through the first job advancement on time.

At levels 16-20 for him, I found out about all these guides, and realized how badly made he was. At level 20, he didn't have enough Strength to equip most level 20 armor.

Discouraged, I decided to make up a new Warrior, who would follow the correct way to spend AP and SP. This character was Cethromycin.