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Hi all, I'm pretty new to this site and I hope I can get to know you all better =D

My Characters

Devilryfire (Aquila 88 F/P)

Devilryn00b (Aquila 23 Beginner)

Devilryarc (Aquila 41 Crossbowman)

PS: I'm sorry but ever since someone hacked me I have quited playing MapleStory. However I wish to share my more pleasant experiences in this wonderful game with others.


- F/P Mages

- Soccer

- My computer

- Writing poems and stories

- Newbs who know how to be grateful

- Debating

- Friendly online forums


- People who boast

- The stereotype kind of sin

- Unfeeling hackers

- Mandarin

- Arrows and Crossbow Arrows

How to contact me

You can find me in various MMO communities:


Username: devilrymage

Basil Market

Username: devilry

Florina Beach

Username: devilrymage

Or of course, you can use this website, which is the simplest to do -.-

My email is

Final Words

I think the community in this website is much better than that of MapleStory itself, so I don't regret joining. Bye and remember to check out my guide at