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This user is a Magician

My Background

Obviously, I am a MapleStory player. I play in the MapleStory's Global world, on the Bera server. I will use available time into making this Wiki organized, ordered, and clean. My first character was my magician, in the testing server of Tespia, which is currently now in the Bera server as stated, and is Level 44. As a kid (Fourteen Year Old (14) ), I can only limit myself to playing on weekends.

Misc. Information

  • I have played MapleStory for over 2 years; When I was 12, like many, I was an immature. Also, impatient, 5 days was 'til by birthday.
  • My birthday is in March, and I live in California, United States.

If you need to contact me, contact DesertMagic, or contact me at