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This is a guide to playing a gunslinger in Europe MapleStory (EMS).

Before you start to play as a gunslinger you should take note that guns and bullets are among the highest priced items in EMS (Kradia) and that you will most likely have a hard time getting good equipment for one if you are not funded. Gunslinger also have relatively low hp and high mana consumption. That said, Gunslingers are very flexible and right from the start they are good grinders that work well against most enemies. They also have high accuracy and high damage which makes them excellent partners when fighting bosses.

Ability Points

Generally, there are 2 kinds of characters: Normal and Pure.

Normal characters takes as much strength as they have level and put the rest of their ability points to dexterity. Pure pirates devote all their ability points to dexterity and do not put a single point to strength.

  • The normal character can use all pirate equipment and are good if you are new to the game or lack the necessary funding to afford playing a pure character.
  • The pure character becomes much stronger then a normal character but cannot equip standard equipment.

Regardless of how you prefer to put your ability points you should know that gunslingers have no use of accuracy and only little use of avoidability and defence.

Job Avancement

As a gunslinger you will go through a total of four job advancements and will become a Pirate, Gunslinger, Outlaw/Valkyrie and finally a Corsair/Captain.


You start the game as an adventurer with the job beginner. This job has only a few skills and you are not allowed to choose where to put your ability points. Do the quests as asked in-game to gain the first few levels and when you're level 10, make your way to Nautilus on Vitoria Island and talk to Kyrin, the pirate instructor in the upper levels of the ship.

Skill Distribution

Skill Levels Effect Description
Recovery.gif Recovery 3 Recover 72 HP in 30 sec. Cheaper than potions, but not very effective.
File:Nimblefeet.gif Nimble Feet 3 Adds 20 Speed for 12 seconds. Increases your speed thus allows you to kill faster.


Once kyrin promotes you to a pirate you get some ability points and a skill point. Remember that you cannot redistribute your ability points without paying real money so this is the point of no return for those who wishes to play a pure gunslinger.

Now you should train, do some quests and level up to level 30 after which you should return and talk with kyrin again for the next job advancement.

Skill Distribution

You should take the skills that help you kill monsters as fast and effecient as possible and still keep in mind what are good on the long-term. I recommend that you start off by maxing Somersault Kick and get a melee weapon to use it. The only skill here that you will actually keep using is Double Fire which will not be replaced until level 120.

Please note that you get skill points in somersault for free at random occasions. You may want to hold off with the 2-4 last points in it until level 29-30.

Skill Levels Effect Description
Somersault Kick.png Somersault Kick 20 Deals 190% damage to 6 enemies. This is your multi-target attack.
Dash.png Dash 10 Adds 30 Speed and 10 Jump for 20 seconds. Increases your speed thus allows you to kill faster.
Double Fire.png Double Shot 20 Deals 110% damage twice in one enemy. This is your single-target attack.
Bullet Time.png Bullet Time 10 Adds 20 accuracy and 20 avoidability Ensures you have excellent accuracy in early-game.


This early in the game you should use the weapon cupouns that you get for free to take knuckles and buy all your armor in nautilus. There is also a few pieces of equipment which are not class-specific and which could help you alot if you can get them.

Equipment Level Effect Value Obtain from
Shoes006.gif Black Gomushin 11 +4 wdef, +2 speed 1 000 mesos Buy in Kerning City
Bathrobe for Men.gif Bathrobe for Men (M) 20 +20 wdef, +10 speed 15 000 mesos Buy in Showa
Pig Illustrated.gif Pig Illustrated 25 +42 watt, +10 accuracy, Faster 40 000 mesos Reward from Camilla's Gem
Greenbamboohat.gif Green Bamboo Hat 25 +15 wdef, +3 DEX - mesos Reward from Kerning City Party Quest
Red Whitebottom Shoes.gif Red Whitebottom Boots 26 +14 wdef, +3 speed  ? mesos Buy in Henesys



  • Pig Beach
  • Hidden Street with octopus
  • Ant Tunnel
  • Wild Boars in perion
  • ...



Max Invisible Shot, use a gun. Max Gun Mastery. Max Gun Booster.

Spend the remaining SP in "for-fun" skills.



Max Burst Fire. Get at least 8 sets of bullets. Max Ice splitter, use it to stun and kill with invisible shot. Max Flamethrower. Max Homing Beacon.

Spend the remaining SP in "for-fun" skills.


Max Elemental Boost. Stop using invisible shot. Max Rapid Fire, Get at least 12 sets of bullets. Max Bullseye? Max Battleship? Max Battleship Cannon? Max Maple Hero? Max Hero's Will?

Spend the remaining SP in "for-fun" skills.