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Name Blake
Join date April 2007
Server Kradia
Main LuklessBlake
AIM/MSN/YIM Bwsalveson

Hai. I am Blake. I play in Kradia. I play at LEAST once a week ;)

My Main is my Cleric, LuklessBlake. I also play on my Islander, IslandBlake.

I started playing maplestory in Mardia. Then moved to Kradia when it came out. I went to try Yellonde but it failed having no money and having to stop training and buy pots every 5 seconds

I will stay in Kradia forever :)

Rank Name Server Class Level
1 LuklessBlake Kradia Cleric 45
2 IslandBlake Kradia Islander 34
3 BlakeTheMage Mardia Cleric 31
4 BlakeTheNub Kradia Beginner 31